December 21st, 2005

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Household Gremlins

I swear, I have a gremlin investation.

Yesterday I woke up to discover my cordless phone wasn't working. It took me half the day to figure out what was up. Actually what I did was unplug the cord and put it in again and VOILA! but that makes no sense, since it WAS plugged in. But whatever.

Yesterday afternoon sometime I go to watch TV. I reset the system from DVD-watching to TV-watching and nothing happens. Just a blue screen. I can't get audio for it either. DirectTV down? Who knows... haven't bothered to tinker further or call them.

Now this morning I get up and as usual, go to switch off my heat. (I've been turning it on just at night.) Well, to my surprise, the thermostat is dead. As in, the display isn't showing anything. When I switch it to Cool, Heat, Off, Emergency Heat, nothing happens. Puzzzzzzzzzling! I turned off the power at the box and then switched it back again but there's no change. I don't even know where to start fixing it... electrician? HVAC specialist? And NOW, when I'm going to Boston in two days? If I can't fix it before I go, I'll just move birds to the main bathroom, which stays warm b/c there are no windows, and the other animals will be fine. But... still! And my heat, it turns out, is now fine. They were doing some work on the "closed loop system" this morning, a notice on the elevator said. Phew!

Ai yai yai!
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Your Mission

I have a new rule: Nobody cannot have an LJ without having a finely honed Mission Statement.


Just kidding!

tharain and I are having a great discussion about pointless project planning and mission statement meetings here.
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Updates on the job search

I just registered with a really cool sounding job placement company here in Atlanta that specializes in placing techy/artsy people like me in jobs. Like... Wow!

But better yet, on their application they had a checkbox I've never seen before, when asking about preferences for job location:

"Can you work at locations not accessible by public transportation?"

You'd be surprised by how many web designers, graphic artists, etc., DON'T have cars and/or don't want to do a big commute to suburbia. Or maybe you wouldn't be? Anyway I checked "No."

Kudos to them for asking, however, since that was a very annoying sticking point on my last job search. Idiot agencies would call me telling me about some fabulous opportunity... in Norcross! Or down in an industrial park by the airport! Like... what part of "I don't drive" don't they get?

Anyway, fingers crossed, I see some job action soon. I also wrote my old rep. at MATRIX to let her know I'm looking and ask about a position in Decatur they've posted to ComputerJobs.

EDIT: MATRIX wrote me back and job is in a really good decent location. I sent my resume. It's only a month-long assignment but hey.

Signs I love my kitty

Signs I love my kitty:

1) I use all manner of pet (no pun intended) names for Luckie, calling her "Honeykin," "Lovemuffin," etc.

2) Tonight it suddenly occured to me that if I get a job outside the house, Luckie will be here all alone! And I won't get to be with her all day! Kitty will be sad! I will miss her! Wah!

3) I am happy when Luckie wakes me up in the morning, insistently meowing in my face ("Time to get up!") and poking at me. Anybody else, I'd grouse and be mad. With her, it's fine.
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This is so English

I cracked up when I read this:

Pork pie protectionists win case

I mean, the headline alone is funny!

It's really the whole Englishness of the subject and the tone of the article, plus linkage into EU bureacracy, that makes me funny for me, not that it's hysterical or anything, or even "weird news." Which in itself is very English.

Personally, I like the mushroom and potatoe pies, no matter where they are from. Mushrooms and potatoes are what make my vegie shepherd's pie good too.

P.S. Oh, and GIP! I remembered I can upload 100 icons now, so I put back a few I had taken out of service.
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