December 22nd, 2005

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That pre-trip rush

I've been launching a new web site for a couple of hours now. Large files are involved. Yeesh. I didn't even have breakfast yet, just sitting here waiting for it to be over.

I have things to do. The plan is: shower, dress, get prescriptions at CVS, go to OB/GYN office and harass them for prescription-renewal, have lunch, take 2 to Petsmart & Whole Foods, for guinea pig food & supplies. That will probably take until around 3.

At home I've got to clean up two rooms, change the piggies' litter, clean cat's litterbox, take out the garbage, and set out the pet food.

After that I have to pack. One pack will be mostly presents, the other will be half-filled, just clothes. Then I have to back my computer bag, to take my laptop.

My flight leaves at around 9 a.m. tomorrow. With the holiday rush and security and all, I really should be at the airport by 7. Which means leaving at 6:30. Which means getting up at 5:30. Needness to say, not looking forward to this.
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Sen. Isakson strikes again

Yup, just got another fun-packed email from Sen. Isakson, who unfortunately represents Georgia in Washington. He starts off by squeeing over the passage of the "Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005" (that thing that cuts college loans, social services), skips over the deal with the tax cuts for the rich, then squees about the "Fiscal Year 2006 Defense Authorization Conference Report" (war funding), and then he drops this chunk of total smarm:

The Senate also voted to extend for six months the Patriot Act, which was set to expire on December 31, 2005. I am disappointed that the Senate failed to pass the bill that would have extended the Patriot Act for four years, but I feel certain that the Senate will realize the importance of permanently renewing this legislation that is so vital to our nation’s intelligence. We are fighting the ultimate war between good and evil, and we cannot afford to lose. We haven’t had an attack in four years, but we’ve stopped countless attacks because of the provisions contained in the Patriot Act.

Alas, he's not kidding.
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(Most) Mission Accomplished!

Well, got the errands done!

Got my Prozac and Singulair at CVS.

Got my lunch at Baroanda.

Got parsley, mixed greens, pickling cucumbers and red peppers at Whole Foods. (For those spoiled guinea pigs.)

Got timothy hay and bird treats at Petsmart.


The only thing that didn't pan out was my visit to the OB/GYN. I was dropping by their office at Crawford Long, which is normally open Thursday, so I could get refill of my prescription in person. Their phone is always busy and/or their voicemail box full, so I haven't been able to reach them in two days of trying. Alas when I got to their office it was locked. I can't even call them to find out why. Oh, well, guess I don't need BC pills anyway -- not like they're being used for contraception. I will attempt to reach them in the new year.
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Cure for bad breath

Before I forget, I wanted to post about how Caleb and I have FINALLY solved the riddle of why my breath smells so horrendous -- EXCEPT when I'm in Europe. We noticed it again in Germany and went over what I do different.

The secret is: LIQUID. Yes, I mean that when I'm in Europe I actually drink liquids; primarily tea, but also coffee, mineral water, milk, juice, etc. This is because people tend to sit down and enjoy liquids more, and also because I tend to be walking around and stopping for refreshment. At home, my intake of liquid is very low and I think that without liquid, my gut produces massive stink, but with liquid, I don't smell at all. I guess this is why when I kept telling Storm I had bad breath she would scoff; when I'm with her I'm drinking 6-7 cups of tea a day and don't stink at all.

So now I'm trying to drink tea 3-4 times a day to improve my breath. No mint, spray or medicine has ever been able to cure my garbage breath, but maybe tea can!
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No Speeding!

This is my Christmas present from Caleb: a little toy set from Germany, with two German Polizei officers flagging a Porsche. The driver should've paid attention to the Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung*, especially on my countertop!

* First word I learned in German class. It's a bit of a joke, one of those very long German words with a rather simple meaning. It means "speed limit."
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Dis stuff is gooooood

I discovered this forgotten bottle of... stuff... on my counter the other day. It was tucked in among my regular liqueurs and such. It's a bell-shaped bottle of what I believe is blackcurrant wine. It's in French and I believe I bought it in Germany last summer, but I am really not sure. It's a fairly small bottle and I can see the little marinated currants rolling around. Meanwhile it is incredibly good. And 35% alcohol too! I've had blackcurrant liqueur, like Chambord, but this is different because it's less sweet and more wine-y. Yum!

I also still have half a bottle of mead left, plus a bottle of Riesling my neighbor gave me for taking care of his dog. And another bottle of Liebfraumilch or something. Always good to have.


I am all packed, the house is clean, pet litter is fresh, pet food is laid out. Just a few more things to take care of, then to bed with me. I'll be leaving around 6:30 tomorrow morning, so wish me Bon Voyage!

EDIT: Bam! Drunkitude. This stuff like the Samoan Fog Cutter at Trader Vic's. Whoahahah. Me going to bed.