December 23rd, 2005

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In Andover

I'm home in Massachusetts and as there seems to be some sort of mysterious unsecured wireless network here (though my mobile has no signal, as usual), I may as well take advantage, eh?

Today was a long, exhausting day of travel. Got up at 6 and was out the door by 6:40. I had my luggage checked in at the gate by 7:30 and was through security and at the gate by 8. Of course this meant I had over an hour to wait! Early, as usual. The flight to Philadelphia was smooth, with a hilarious pilot and crew, and I had enough time on the stopover to get lunch, then TCBY chocolate frozen yogurt. Mmm! The flight to Boston was smooth, too, with a spectacular view of Cape Cod.

Unfortunately when I landed at Logan, I found my expectations of business-as-usual shattered. I waited an hour for my checked luggage but nothing turned up. Finally I got with another man, who'd come from Atlanta and transferred at Philadelphia like me, got with Airtran and they determined our luggage was unfortunately not routed correctly but would be coming on a later plane. They then arranged to a) have the luggage delivered to our homes tonight and b) have our seats on the return journey upgraded to Business Class. Yay!

The one good thing out of this was that I didn't have to lug my suitcase onto the T. Got to North Station just in time for a 3:50 train to Reading. Mom and Dad picked me up. Been home since then, eating, talking, showing off my computer, watching TV. The luggage has not arrived, but we've received two calls and the dispatcher at the delivery service says they'll be by between 9 and midnight. Since, besides presents, my pajamas are in the case, I'm staying up!

EDITED: My bag arrived around 10:30. Yay. The guy tells me that Logan reports 1000 misplaced items of luggage a day. Yeesh. This is the first time I have EVER had a piece of mine misplaced. And I fly a lot.
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I've decided to start a new running series in my LJ, called "Anomalies," to cover strange stuff I see, (over)hear, smell, etc. Such things pass my way a lot and often I want to mention them but can't figure out the proper way. Now they get their own space!

One from today:

Waiting at the Philadelphia airport today, I was blankly looking out the windows towards the planes, service vehicles, etc., when I noticed a large shipping truck driving by... with Santa standing and waving from on top of the cab booth. A real Santa, not a plastic one. Ho ho ho! I laughed and pointed but nobody else in the whole lounge seems to have noticed!