December 26th, 2005

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Christmas, continued

I did indeed fall asleep at 4. I haven't slept that well the past two nights so I guess I needed the sleep. I woke up at 5. After that I entertained myself by playing games on the computer and watching 1940s cartoons on TV. For dinner I scraped together a dinner of cold turkey and cranberry sauce, which was really excellent.

The highlight of the evening was my oldest sister Nancy coming over from 9 to midnight. She, my parents and I had a good, rip-roaring, wide-ranging conversation on health, home decorating, family, school, work, food... It was great. Nanc, Mom and I are all so alike it's pretty funny really. Finally it was late and she had to go.

My sister Carolyn and family are arriving tomorrow morning from New Jersey. They'll probably arrive by 10 so I should go to bed now. Got to get up early to take a shower and also dress nice so Carolyn doesn't go off on my clothes (which, believe it or not she does, thinking I need fashion advice from somebody who can't dress).

Ah, family.
sideview, obamame_sideview

XMas Continues

As dharmagirl would say, another day, another doughnut. Only I didn't actually have any doughnuts today :)

Nancy and family came by around 10 and Carolyn and family around 11:30. We had a buffet lunch in the early afternoon, followed by a gift exchange, since Carolyn and crew weren't here Saturday night. Carolyn gave me four *beautiful* scarves from India, which definitely constitute my favorite present! I also got two packs of incense, which Tom had given Ashley but which she can't have because of her allergies. They're rosewood and myrrh, yummy! Afterward we spent hours talking, watching TV, playing with pub puzzles, and then for dinner there was another feast type deal, this time roast beef, and again we had an absurd number of people at the table -- 11. Good roast beef! The rest of the night: more talking, sharing pics on my laptop, more pub puzzles. Having a nice time catching up with everybody, that's for sure.

The only wrinkle at the moment is my mom isn't feeling "right." She says ever since dinner she's felt kind of drunk, only she's not. Her eyes won't properly focus to read all the time and except when she's walking, she's dizzy. She's been lying in bed for a couple of hours, awake, but just lying there because it minimizes the dizziness. She doesn't have a fever, headache, or have any other physical symtoms, so we hope it's just some form of exhaustion that she'll be recovered from by tomorrow. She's supposed to do Meals on Wheels work tomorrow and I'm supposed to help her, but we'll see how that goes.

Oh, and right now it's snowing a bit. It always snows, wherever I go!