December 28th, 2005


Day with dharmagirl

Spent the afternoon with dharmagirl (a.k.a. Dee) and had a most excellent time! Dee is my oldest friend, having first met me 23 years ago, when I switched to South School and we were in second grade together. We weren't really good friends until sixth grade, when I started to calm down a bit (on our first meeting in second grade I tried to throw a chair at her, she recals) but after that, it was all smiles. And the great thing is, when we get together now as grown-ups, we still get along like in the old days. In fact, I think we get along better than back then because we're much more open and honest about stuff and soooo much smarter. And we laugh a LOT.

Anyway, had a great time together. She came by just after noon and, after coming in to chat with my mom and dad, took me in her car over to the Bertucci's in North Andover. We both ate a lot and talked and lot. Dee had some major personal issues to share and I was the supportive friend rallying behind her, which given her situation seems quite just. I hope things turn out for her! Afterward she drove up to Bradford, where she had to pick up a couple of things before we moved on. She lives in an apartment in the top floor of an old mansion. Neat!

After that we went up to Salem (N.H.), where we visited Dee's favorite music store, Bullmoose Music. Dee says they have multiple locations but they are really a great independent record (well, electronic media) shop, selling new & used CDs, vinyl, DVDs and games. Wide, wide range of stuff and lots of groups, artists, etc. represented that I hadn't seen in a store in a while. There was a used Hardcore section. Damn, I miss the North. Anyway, I got myself a couple of presents there: the new Wizard of Oz deluxe restored DVD set and Bjork's Medulla videos. Tasty, tasty! (I just watched my fav songs and the extras on Disc 1 of Wizard and WOW, is that a wonderful DVD.)

There was a pet store next door that was pretty awesome, another independent. They had all kinds of animals, including a lot of hand-raised. Super cute guinea pigs, lots of birds, turtles, reptiles, frogs, etc. I got Luckie some cat toys of course :)

To top it all off, we went to Friendly's. There's always one of those around, whatever town you're visiting in this area. I got their yummy grilled cheese (with fries) and an Oreo Freeze shake. Dee got a black raspberry sundae and a coke. We had fun speaking in rhyme, as in "I'd like the grilled cheese and an Oreo Breeze, if you please." He he.

Very probably due to the rhyming, Dee put in a Beastie Boys comp CD she'd burned a few days ago and we rapped our way all the way home. "NO! Sleep! 'Til Brooklyn!!!!!"
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Peter Jackson and Oz

So I'm watching one of the extra on the Wizard of Oz DVD and there's Peter Jackson as one of the talking heads, which is great, since there are a lot of parallels between WoO and LotR. But the thing I noticed? I swear he's lost like 100 lbs. And got contacts! And a new wardrobe possibly! After watching hour upon hour upon hour of him in the LoTR extra, I was used to the extra pounds, glasses, and baggy shorts, and here is is on this DVD looking years younger, but I'm pretty sure this extra was done only a year or two ago. (Sean Astin is quoted as welland talks about how that scene with the glowing green city reminded him of Emerald City, which it did me too.) Anyway, so I guess if busy Peter Jackson can lose weight, I guess I can, too?!

Oh, and I've decided this IS my favorite movie. For about ten years I've said it was Wings of Desire, but seeing as that movie has dialogue I still don't understand and I very high level of pretention (much as I love it), I've got to go with Oz. As mom and dad both said when I showed them the DVD, "You've lived in Oz since you were three or four." Totally obsessed with it as a kid, pretending to be Dorothy, the Tin Man, singing "Over the Rainbow," wearing out the record of the soundtrack, always asking when it would be on TV. And is it worthy of that obsession? Heck yeah!