December 29th, 2005

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I just woke up from a dream we were living under martial law, and impoverished too, and my MOM got drafted. WTF? I lived here with Dad and we had to cope without mom. Everything was really dirty. I remember I was thinking about eating a poodle I saw.
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Am I a girly girl? Um YES I think so...

10 years ago, I was quite butch. I could still be butch and am in some respects (try and gross me out... just try!) but in other way, oh, oh, am I girly.

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Ahem... Let me just say, after doing that quiz, I am SUCH a girly girl, even if I steadfastly refuse to partake in SOME trends, like fashion, hairplucking, expensive handbags/makeup/creams/plastic surgery, etc. But damn do I love having a "look."
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Awesome Day

I had an awesome day today.

Despite sleeping a bit later than I wanted, managed to get out the door with Mom, who took me to the train station so I could catch the mid-morning train in to Boston. Arrived at North Station and, hungry, immediately checked in at the Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and doughnut. Satisfied, caught the Green Line, got an E train straight off the bat, so I was over at the Museum of Fine Arts in like 20 minutes.

I used to go to the MFA an awful lot but hadn't been in like 10 years. It was great. Just like at the Met last time, I deliberately avoided the European and American paintings and concentrated on the ancient and foreign collections, including Chinese, Egyptian, Nubian, Japanese, Near East, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Etruscan, Islamic, etc. Saw some wonderful, wonderful stuff and took pictures I'll share later. After about three hours, I went to the gift shop, which is always great, and got 3 boxes of XMas cards at 50% off, plus two nice mugs for my parents.

Getting home was so easy... Sigh. Wish it was like this in Atlanta: Stepped out of museum, caught the T again, got to North Station, got bagel & chocolate milk at Dunkin' Donuts (DD: Supplier of 1/2 Boston's calories), waited 20 minutes, and got the train back home.

My parents were there waiting for me at the station and, in a surprise move, took me out to dinner at this nice pan-Asian (Chinese with Japanese) place in Reading. I had plum wine, so you can bet I was happy. For dinner I had tempura shrimp and vegies. They had meat dishes that were also quite good, from my samples. I liked that place a lot -- good food and quick service!

Now I'm in the middle of packing up. Tomorrow I'm flying out around 2:30, but Mom has to go to the hospital, so I'm letting them drop me on a Boston-bound train and then wandering around for a couple of hours. I'll probably just go to Filene's at Downtown Crossing, since the store is closing this week and I'll never be able to go there again. There may also be bargain!

Random Boston Tidbits

Meanwhile, aside from my own wonderful day, I experienced much that was very Bostonian. Or just FUNNY.

Here are some snippets and observations:

Gaggle of girls on train this morning. One girl looks at sign next to seat, which says "KEEP FEET AND PARCELS OFF SEAT." And she says, "What's a parcel?" D'oh!

Two teenage girls, around 14, are on the Green Line, discussing Spice Girls and which one they "are" or "pretend to be." One girl is like, "Well, I used to be a kind of a tom boy so I identified with Sporty... but now I'm more split between them." They were SO serious about it, I almost asphyxiated trying to hide my giggles.

Every other person had a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup. It's quite identifiable, since for the holidays they had colored polkadots on them.

I love how on the T, most of the ads are for colleges or continuing ed. As opposed to on MARTA, where the ads are for fried chicken and sneakers. (I guess those marketers know their market...)

In Boston-ese, "Are you sure?" is pronounced "Awh yuh shawh?" (Note: "shawh" is TWO syllables.)

Every day I spend in this area, my use of the word "awesome" increases exponentially. I use it in Atlanta too, but here it heats up and I'm going "awhsum, awhsum, awwwwwwwwhsum!" LOL.

I almost forgot about the GRIT up north. Jeez, there is "winter grit" EVERYWHERE -- sidewalks, T, floors, hallways, cars, mailboxes. Yuck!

I love how you can spend a whole day just using the MBTA and walking and you feel totally NORMAL because everybody is. I didn't have to deals with cars AT ALL. Total non-entities, sort of like MARTA in Atlanta...

At North Station this couple had time to kill and a cop told them how to get to the Museum of Science: walk or talk the T one stop. In Atlanta the cop would've called a cab.
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ATTN: cracicotus!

I did not too bad on this, if "good" is high numbers.

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

I predict Caleb will get 9 or 10 for all these things. If there was a psychic-ometer, it would go "Bing bing BING!" in his presence.
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After that girly girly thing, here's a list of butch things I do, or at least can do:

- Deal with insects, rodents, reptiles, etc. w/o squeamishness. Actually, I like them.
- Ferry a full cart of heavy groceries and/or pet supplies down sidewalks and public transit.
- Open the door for myself even when I'm carry 10 bags totalling like 100 lbs. or something.
- Hang pictures. (Yes, I know how to use a hammer.)
- Rig up my stereo.
- Rig up my computer.
- Walk for miles.
- Hold like 100 lbs. worth of bags on one arm. Or 1-2 fingers. My grip is amazing.
- Get really dirty and enjoy it.
- Get soaked in rain and enjoy it.
- Fart loudly in public.
- Use crude language.

I was so butch a teenager. I used to be so proud of the fact that when we went wilderness camping, I was the "pack horse" on our portages. My dad would carry the canoe and Mom would do one trip. Meanwhile I'd do like 3 round-trips of the portage, which could be up to 4 miles *each way*, carrying massive loads, like Dad's *wooden* storage packs. I remember feeling like I was going to burst but I did it.