December 30th, 2005

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Today is tiring me already

I'll be spending today traveling. Going to kill time in Boston for a couple of hours, then from 2:40 to 8 I'll be in transit. Going through Philadelphia again, with sizable stopover, so ugh, long trip. I usually fly direct but it was going to be $50 more or something so I did this. At least I can get reading done as well as use this laptop. But man, way too long a trip, considering it's domestic. I could fly Boston-London in that time, practically.

This visit has been very good. This time a week is just the right amount. The fact I went out most of the day Wed. and Thurs. helped, since what normally gets me is feeling home-bound. Also got to see everybody in the family and talk, catch up on news.

sideview, obamame_sideview

Back in the ATL

Made it back.

My trip home, from leaving my parents' to getting in my own door, was 12 hours. I totally could've flown from Boston to England and taken the train to Storm's in that same time!

I wrote a whole rant about some travel issues I got into in Boston but I'll leave it out and just say there was a shutdown on the Orange Line and T stations have a LOT of stairs. Also, I learned that there's an underground connection between Downtown Crossing and Park St. stations, which doesn't show up on a map but is there nonetheless. You can get the Green Line from Downtown Crossing?! By the time I was at the gate waiting for my plane, I was quite testy, but since I had a Business Class seat, I ordered rum & coke and got over it.

Luckie says hi. She is delighted to have me back. Caleb and Daniel came over and we all had a nice talk and finally cat-snugglefest. She is so cute.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year and thus probably my last day of indulgence for a long time. Should be fun.