January 1st, 2006

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Weirdest Video EVER

I love Bjork and I love her videos, but I just watched the Medulla videos and the last one on the DVD, for "Where Is The Line," is the weirdest video I've ever seen! That video Madonna did with all the Japanese people in straight jackets makes so much sense in comparison.

The Video:

Basically, you have Bjork in a hayloft wearing this outfit completely made out of stuffed burlap bags, kind of like a giant bunch of grapes. She also has on a headdress made of burlap and straw. She's standing there writhing around as the song starts and then this slimy creature comes out the bottom, kind of like it's being born. It looks like Bjork, except it's all naked and covered in white slime with weird eyes and there's this hideous clear gunk its puking out its mouth. The video goes and this thing is writhing around and the burlap Bjork is kind of dancing. Meanwhile there's hay flying around, almost in sync with the music, and the hay is sticking to the slimy creature. Eventually the slimy creature is covered in it, so it's become a sort of hay creature. Next thing, it seems to get re-absorbed into burlap Bjork... and then there are like ten of these hay creatures dancing around in the hayloft and they are scary as hell. At this point the song is just going "Where is the line with you? Where is the line with you?" and yeah, they are totally out of control. There's hay shooting out to the beat. Then as the song comes to a close, a bunch of the creatures return to the haypiles and "disappear" and then a few circle burlap Bjork, fall on her, and she disappears under a haystack.

Of course I like this video but still, what the HELL? The other videos are pretty awesome as well, like "Triumph of the Heart" which for some reason has Bjork sleeping with a CAT, who later turns into a man-sized cat wearing a suit and kind of doing the whole Christopher Walken dance. Yeah. It's Bjork.

Fat Wiebke Journal

Well, those of you who want to (and I know there are at least two), you can now read a new LJ I started called "Fat Wiebke's Journal," which will be me talking about diet, exercise and related efforts of mine to lose weight.


For those of you who say, "Wait, but you're not really fat," let me give you a way of understanding that yes, I am:

Imagine two cakes. One is small and one is extra large. Now pretend you have two cans of chocolate icing. Both cans have the same amount of icing. On the small cake, a whole can of icing obliterates the cake. It's totally covered in icing. On the extra large cake, the icing gets spread out really thin. Now in my case, I'm an extra large cake. I have a lot of fat on me, but you'd have to get about five "cans of icing" on me to make me look as fat as somebody who's a foot shorter than me. I am about 30 lbs. overweight and if you ask me, I should really be about 40 lbs. less.

I don't believe in "skinny." I'm never ever going to be that. Even if I drop 40 lbs., I'd only drop to maybe a size 12. But you know, it's a lot easier to find a size 12 -- and there are many of them in my closets and bureau -- than it is to find a 16 or an 18. And you look better when clothes fit versus when you're squeezed into them like you've been shrunk-wrapped. As my sister Carolyn told me, "You'd be a knockout even if you were just a 14." And I agree!

Anyway, blah blah blah. Add me if you want, otherwise ignore this. From time to time I will refer to this other journal but other than that, I may skip off mentioning much of what I'm doing with the diet & exercise in this LJ, as it's boring and irritating to some folks.

- fat_wiebke

Books 2005

Well, reading continued to be one of my chief pleasures in life. I did a lot of it while traveling to and fro, but I also sat down and got absorbed into all sorts of wondrous books. And a few crappy ones.

Before I post the whole list of what I read, here are some "awards":

Favorite Five Books:

The Persian Boy - by Mary Renault
Parable of the Sower - by Octavia Butler
Fire From Heaven - by Mary Renault
The King Must Die - by Mary Renault
The Color Purple - Alice Walker

This was hard, as there are about 5 other books I really loved, including another Renault one and Storm's grimoire, which is amazing.

Least Favorite Five Books:

Here On Earth - by Alice Hoffman
The Etched City - K.J. Bishop
The Gods Themselves - by Isaac Asimov
Sexual Generations: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and Gender - by Robin Roberts
The Long Emergency (partial read) - by James Howard Kunstler

I found all of these books disappointing. Storm had recommended Hoffman to me but I found the New England setting and the characters to be trite and, frankly, annoying. Etched City was almost good but then not. Totally overrated. Gods Themselves was a study in theory. Sexual Generations was academic crapola. Long Emergency was boring (see below).

Book I Could Not Finish:

The Long Emergency (partial read) - by James Howard Kunstler

I agree with the main thesis of the book, which is that oil is running out and we're all doomed, but I just found the first few chapters so BORING, all about the history of global economics, that I could not go on.

Books That Were Rereads:

Bridge to Terabithia - by Katherine Paterson
Nightrunner series - by Lynn Flewelling
Siddhartha - Herman Hesse
Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions - by Edwin A. Abbott

The biggest revelation was Siddhartha, which I'd read in high school... or at least I thought I had. I now realize I had no understanding of that book at all. It is deep sh*t.

Favorite "New" Author:

Mary Renault! I'd been told I "had" to read The Persian Boy -- by several folks, including Storm and also Lynn Flewelling -- but until I read it, I hadn't imagined that sort of writing. Sublime! I am now hooked and working my way through all her stuff.

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Movies 2005

Towards the end of this year, I decided to make the effort to get back to one of my passions in life, movies. It's a long story and various factors are involved, but I had gotten away from watching movies regularly. I signed up for Netflix, went to the theater a couple of times and started keeping a record of what I watched.

I won't do a favorites list since I really enjoyed most of what I saw. The one I got the most into was The Nomi Song, as most reading this blog will know :) My least favorite? I saw The Polar Express on my flights to/from Germany and ugh, it is just as creepy and banal as I had heard. Yuck!

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Next 10 movies in my NetFlix Queue:

East Side Story
Spirited Away
Einsturzende Neubauten: Halber Mensch
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Cat People / Curse of the Cat People
The Crow
The Lair of the White Worm
The Piano
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Two from yesterday:

1) Walking in to Petsmart, I hear a cashier say to her manager: "I dropped this lady's two fish. Does she get a discount or new fish?"

2) Also at Petsmart, I overhear a woman say: "I had a kid for twelve years." (My thought: "And then, what, you gave it to the humane society?")