January 3rd, 2006


Luckie Update

Luckie has been dozing on the bed pretty much since early afternoon. She did get up a couple of times to eat and once to cuddle with Caleb and Daniel, but she seems a little out of it. I think the vet visit has affected her somehow, like a reaction to one of the shots or something. She normally doesn't just snooze for hours like this. She hasn't even come over to bug me at the computer or anything.

Maybe she's just saving energy so she can wake me up at 5 a.m. again!

Meanwhile, here are 10 little notes on stuff relating to the little princess:

1. She likes to wake me up by sticking her cold, wet nose into my ear and purring full volume.
2. She continues to wrestle with the stuffed guinea pig toy.
3. She makes the cutest little growl when she's going after her octopus toy.
4. At any one time there are a minimum of six cat toys under the piano.
5. She has quite a nose for dairy. I had celergy w/cream cheese and she was hovering.
6. Her favorite food is fish, no question. (We did find her on the Georgia Aquarium construction site!)
7. She is now content to sit in my lap while I work and rarely attacks the mouse pointer.
8. Today, for the first time, she spontaneously jumped into Caleb's lap.
9. She doesn't look out the windows, just attacks the blinds.
10. Yesterday she seemed fascinated by a baby camel on TV.

Wobbly Human, Wobbly Cat

I feel rather crappy today and so does the cat. Ugh.

Luckie didn't wake me up this morning; in fact I slept 9 hours solid. Unfortunately I woke up with a headache from squinting my eyes against the sun. And ow! do my leg muscles ache. I guess the muscle thing is good, as it proves I actually DID something last night exercising. But a massage would be good about now.

The cat, meanwhile, definitely seems "off" to me. She slept all yesterday afternoon and evening. When it was bedtime I have to actually pick her up off the bed to get her to move. She seems to have lost the spring in her step at the moment. In fact she seems a bit wobbly and woozy, like slightly out of it. Also, when I pick her up, she starts meowing and moaning, and last night she even hissed at me. She was like that today, too, making these weird meows. Goins into heat maybe, I guess. I will keep watching her though, in case she's sick.

Oh, and this morning she found an arugala leaf I'd dropped and ate it. Either she thinks she's a guinea pig or she's feeling a bit sick and wanted some greens.
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Came across a review of this book that I think a lot of LJers I know would be interested in:

Strapped: Why America's 20- and 30-Somethings Can't Get Ahead

Review here.

If you think things are hard for you (living with parents, stuck in a low-paying job you hate, stuck with a totally crappy car, etc.) you're not alone.

I've managed to avoid most of this and I think a chief reason is the fact I didn't take out or need any college loans. Thank heaven for academic scholarships. The fact I've never had a car payment helps too.

As the afternoon plods on

The headache I woke up with hasn't really gotten better. Not that I've taken anything for it but I'd thought it would fade on its own. I've also been dragging all day, although I've managed to get a few things done and apply for some project work. Right now I'm about to go out for my allergy shot, which is a few days overdue. Tonight I will exercise again, assuming I can get these muscles to do anything, they're so sore from yesterday still. If the stairmaster is too painful I will do treadmill. Stationary bike is totally out due to the massive thigh-chafing it gave me both Sunday and Monday. (Damn sensitive skin!)

I think Luckie is getting over whatever was bothering her. She's not whining when I pick her up, ate a half can of salmon canned food, and is playing a bit rather than being all stoned or whatever ;)
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This afternoon the nurse at the allergy clinic asked how I was and I said, "Well, aside from a truly horrible headache, fine." And she said something that made me think, which was, "Ah, but you're still smiling! That's great!" Maybe it's because I've dealt with so many headaches, but I would never think to stop smiling because of one. I smile a lot, I think. A headache sucks and makes my soul feel beaten and awful, but it's no reason to stop smiling at people and trying to be nice.

On a related note, I remember being in 8th grade and walking by this seventh-grade girl Lauren Forbes I knew from church. I have no idea why, but as I went by and noticed her looking kind of grim, I said, "Smile." Oooh, and did she get mad at me: "No. How DARE you say that!" A few years later we were in a class together and got on a lot better. Back in October my mother mentioned that she heard (how, I don't know) that Lauren want to get in touch with me again for some reason. I never did hear from her. I wonder if she's a goth now. Heck, maybe she reads my LJ. Lauren?
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Vacation Plans

This summer's exotic summer vacation spot?

New England.

Daniel, Caleb and I are driving up to Vermont in July. Plans are to spent several days doing "New England stuff," including going to Amherst and/or Northampton (MA), Burlington (VT), the Berkshires, and more as-yet-to-be-determined places. The end of the trip is going to an opera (or two) at Tanglewood (Lenox, MA).

Except for the time I took Greyhound from Boston to here, which isn't really the same, I've never doing the whole Up-and-Down the East Coast Car Trip. Actually I don't even think I've ever been on a car trip that long. I went up to Ontario with my parents several times and it was a 13+ hour drive, but that's a lot shorter than Atlanta-Vermont, I think!

I think I'm glad I won't be allowed to drive.
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Just got my inbox from like 140 messages to 80, either by replying, deleting, filing, or some combo of all three methods. Go me!

AND I got a call for some new work from a client of mine. I get to teach somebody how to use Contribute.

Now I am done with work.