January 5th, 2006

ice cream


Although my friend dharmagirl will probably protest, claiming this pictures are horrible, here are some cute pics I took of her at Friendly's last week. Dee is my best friend from home; we shared great madness as youth :)

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She looks both amused and shy ("Don't take that picture!"), which is so her. Also note the discreet deathshead on her neat little sweater.
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Helping the animals again

I'm going to be volunteering on the mobile adoptions bus again today. It's funny, because last night I saw it on my schedule but I misread it as volunteering at the shelter. "I have to walk dogs all day?! With my legs this sore? Oh noes!" I thought. But this mobile thing is easier, as you're only walking a few dogs and it's only around a parking lot. Not chasing down dogs in the dog kennel. Plus you get to cuddle the cats. The only unknown today is the bus driver. I got on really well with the driver/coordinator Kristen, who was from Maine, but apparently she's moved to Washington state and another woman has taken over. I hope to hell she's not one of those strict pet discipinarian types who won't let the dogs have any fun. But I shall see!
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What accent is this?!

I just caught myself pronouncing "sandwich" as "sanwidge." I wonder if I've always done that.

Bad enough I pronounce "sewer" as "sore." (Caleb loooooves when I do this and makes up sentences for me to say, like "I'm so sore from falling down the sewer [sore]."


Yeah, I talk to myself.
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Watch me hop!

I noticed this afternoon that my left foot felt a little off. Then I went out Lowe's to get the materials for my birds' new cage stand and suddenly my foot became very unhapy with the fact I was walking. Sigh. I gritted my teeth and carried home a large wooden board (think: oversized cutting board), bag of bungee cords, a book, a purse and myself. Ow! I just put together the whole stand and cage (looking great, birds seem to like it) and my foot is feeling worse, not better.

To explain what is wrong... Hmmm, hard to say. I've had this before, several times. It's not a sprained ankle, but more like something that hapened to the top of my foot, so that flexing my foot up or down hurts the top of my foot like crazy. I don't know if it's a muscle, tendon, pinched nerve or what, but something is snapped out of place. I don't think there's much I can do about it but wait.

Meanwhile, I think I am going to have to skip my workout tonight. I would really like to do it, but I don't see how I can do the treadmill, bike or stairmaster, since all of them involve the foot and ankle. The only thing I could is lift weights but that seems pointless since I'm out to burn calories, not get buff. Too bad, since I just bought myself a pair of those knee-length spandex workout shorts -- the end of chafing, I hope.

I think I'll getting hopping (ha ha) on dinner, then maybe soak my foot in hot water with something like lavendar in it.
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Hopping through the evening

Made dinner: jumbo shrimp with English seafood sauce. Yum! It was even super lowfat seafood sauce I got at Sainsbury's!

Got online and whined about foot and other stuff to tharain. (I needed sympathy so bad, so thank you dear!)

Soaked foot in hot bath with some lavender bubble bath. Didn't help, but it felt nice. Also amused self by watching Luckie try to play with bubbles without falling in the bath. Finally picked her up and dipped her hind feet in. Boy, was she mad.

Put in East Side Story, the Communist musical documentary, which came in via Netflix in late November but which I still hadn't watched due to all my travels. It was disappointing, mainly because it was too serious and moved too slowly. The co-director for it was the same guy who did The Nomi Song and I could see the similarities. It was cool to see all the footage from Commie musicals from the USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, etc., even though it got weighed down. What awesome outfits those women had! I want to try this computer's screen-capture program and show off some of those clothes.

Meanwhile I've made the foot situation somewhat more bearable. I basically sort of shook my foot for a while hoping whatever is out of place might snap back. It did seem to make things a tad better. I also poked around and discovered that it's only a small area, about 1.5"x1.5" in the top middle of my foot, that really, really hurts. Everything else is fine, but if I do anything that puts pressure on that part of my foot, OW! Now I have it in an ACE bandage with a footie slipper over it. Restrict the amount of movement seems to make it a bit better, although soon as I move it, eeeeek.

Tomorrow I'd like to clean up around the house. If my foot is better, I will. Otherwise, I'm going to work-work all day, which certainly keeps me off my feet.
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