January 6th, 2006

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Well, my foot is at about 80% now. I can walk around without hopping -- if I do it carefully. Flexing my ankle is now OK and I can move my toes again, but there's still some soreness and stiffness in the center of the foot that means I can't put full pressure on it. I think wrapping it up in an ACE and keeping off of it overnight has done the trick. Today I will avoid doing any major walking, beyond say going over a block to the post office. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work out tonight, but probably.
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Yesterday I was riding MARTA southbound. After we passed Civic Center, the train conductor announced the next stop, Peachtree Center. He also named some of the destinations nearby the station, like the hotel district, main public library, central business district, etc. And also? "The Paramount."

Now, that jolted me! I assume the conductor either slipped up or was making a joke, since the Paramount is one of the old movie theaters downtown that was demolished years and years ago. Much as I'd like to get off and go to the Paramount, I suspect it's not happening.
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2nd Avenue Deli

I just read that this incredible old Jewish diner/deli I went to in NYC last year may be closing due to a rent increase :(


This is the place that puts out a big bowl of rye and challah bread, plus a bowl of pickles, complimentary with the meal, instead of bread rolls. I had split pea soup and latkes. It was so incredibly awesome. My waiter was an old, surly Jewish guy. I loved it SO much.

It says they might open up someplace nearby, as they've had offers from other spaces. A ray of hope!
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Daily wrap-up

Well, today went pretty well!

1) Got work done in the morning and afternoon.

2) Foot recovered itself. Even the stiff ankle went away.

3) Went grocery shopping at Atlantic Station Publix. Very nice store and now the 10 bus route goes basically right from my door there and back. Convenience! Now that I'm providing all my own meals and snacks (no more going out), I need to go grocery shopping once a week and I'll be going there, for the most part.

4) Made a nice simple dinner: brussel sprouts w/mustard, orzo w/pesto, and a bagel.

5) Caleb, who I haven't seen much all week, invited me over to watch "Wonder Woman." Daniel got the first season on DVD and Caleb is borrowing it. OMG, it is sooooo AWESOME! We watched the hour-long pilot episode and I almost peed myself from laughing. Meanwhile: I totally want to find Paradise Island. If Cloris Leachman is immortal, is she still there?

6) Caleb came over to my building to work out. I did 40 min. on the stairmaster while he did the treadmill, which he set at a setting twice what I could handle. We were so sweaty afterward.

7) Upstairs Luckie had eaten the fresh catnip Caleb brought over and she was a bit bonkers. Before he went home, Caleb got into my mess of a bed and we snuggled with the cat.
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Being industrious

So tonight Caleb asked me if I had any work. Um, strange, but no, not really. I just sent out a TON of invoices and am owed a lot, but as far as serious, large paying jobs lined up in the immediate future, no. Um, oops!

Which is why I had started looking for additional work through agencies... and why I just put in bids on four different jobs listed on Craigslist. Not job jobs, but projects people need done. Two are web jobs, two are editing. I would think I'd get at least one of them! I will say, though, that I've responded to several Craigslist ads in the past and have never heard back, presumedly because there are so many people who respond. But hey, fingers crossed, I get some work!

Monday I need to call this one agency that called me. I've called them three times, which is a LOT considering I hate phones, and haven't been able to reach them. I left messages. I'm surprised they didn't call back.
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Those BBC News copywriters make the best puns sometime.

There's this story with headline "Man held for hitting urinal work" about a guy attacking that famous Duchamp sculpture of a urinal.

Well, the link from the BBC News home page is: "Urine Trouble Now." Hee hee!
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