January 8th, 2006

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At last! At last!


Sorry for the caps, but damn, I feel so relieved, delighted and proud at this moment. I FINALLY started on a writing project I've been talking about for far, far too long, a new Wraeththu story designed to be a novella. I keep talking about it and have developed a lot of it in my head, but actually starting on it? Nah. That would be... well, writing, and except for a few short pieces, I haven't been doing all that much of that this year. But finally, finally I wrote!

What really thrills me is that what I wrote is actually good, in fact amazingly so, or so it seems in the giddy afterglow. I had a bit of inspiration on the opening earlier, while sweating it out on the stairmaster, and it was the perfect thing to get me started. Everything came off just as I've been imagining it, with the sort of style and tone and mood I want, and it all flowed out of me like wine or something, not a dropped spilled.

My favorite line so far:

The crowd was roaring, voicing swelling like a rising orgasm, and he was about to give them release.

He he. Erm, and yeah, the story starts out with a band performing sex on stage. Whoo hoo!

For those Wraeththu folks curious, yes, this novella is going to be based on my earlier short-story "Angry City" and in fact it has the same title, only it's going to be substantially more involved and certainly better written than the original. There will be a lot more character development, more plot, than simply a har getting in the family way, to his total shock.

Fingers crossed, I'll be working on this every day from now on. I want to strike while the iron is hot!
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On a roll

Between last night and today, I've the first two chapters of the novella, over 3,000 words. Like... yay! I woudn't be surprised if I did another chapter or two today, as I don't have much else to do and I may as well strike while the iron is hot.

EDIT, 6:30 p.m.: Just finished Ch. 5 and am up to around 9,300 words. When I'm hot, I'm hot, I guess.

EDIT: 8 p.m.: Finsihed Ch. 6 and now it's like 10,600 words. I wordcount certainly isn't everything, but this story has grown so quickly!
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Wireless issues

I've got a wireless network set up at home but I swear, it cuts out on me all the time. My regular broadband is fine, but something about the wireless setup makes it disconnect about every 20 minutes. It's really annoying and makes me want to move back to my desk, but I really like working here in the kitchen, especially for writing the novella. Help? Ideas?
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A paradox, a paradox...

Wikipedia's featured article of the day is/was the omnipotence paradox which "arises when attempting to apply logic to the notion of an omnipotent being."

"Could an omnipotent being create a rock so heavy that even that being could not lift it?"

I think my brain just turned into a Moebius strip.
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Workout Fun. No, seriously!

I have another LJ where I talk about my whole diet and exercise thing, but I have to share a thing or two from my workout tonight:

1) I smiled the ENTIRE way through because this morning I borrowed Caleb's old Weston CDs and thus I got to listen to A Real Life Story of Teenage Rebellion, an album (their debut) which FLOODS my head with happy, happy memories. Weston was this goofy little punk band from Pennsylvania that used to play UMass fairly regularly, tiny venues like the Greenough basement, where the local punk/hardcore/straight-edge people would do concerts every couple of weeks it seemed. Often the admission was either $1 or a can for Food Not Bombs. And boy did we go to a lot of those shows and have FUNNNNNN.

But anyway, one thing that especially had me smiling was for the first time catching these lines in the "Feet" song. I like that song anyway, but there was a critical line that was garbled and tonight finally understood it. Here's the section of the song in question, with notes on the singer switches and with the line in bold:

Guy 1: I'm so inter-ested in your FEET.
Guy 2: I know your inter-ested in my feet. Yeah!
Guy 1: And I'm the man that you don't want. Yeah!
Guy 2: And I'm the woman that you don't want!
Guy 2: When your feet are in my face
Both Guys: I feel ALL RIGHT!
Guy 1: I feel all right, yeah.
Guy 2: I feel so at home
as long as you have
your anti-fungus foam!!!!!

LOL. The fact this is all screamed out by raspy-voiced punks makes it all the funnier. Tomorrow I'll listen to another album of theirs, which ought to be just as energizing.

Or 2) Meanwhile my neighbor Craig, around 50 and seemingly on my same workout schedule, was on the treadmill DOING HIS TAXES! I thought it was just because I had my glasses off that I thought he was doing this, but as I left I asked him and yes, all those forms spread out on the machine were indeed his taxes. Unreal. I can't even do my taxes sitting down.