January 10th, 2006


Luckie, my mom substitute

Long before I ever had a cat, I'd heard people say how they get to thinking that it's "their" house. Well, I don't know that Luckie thinks that. Instead, I swear she thinks she's my mother. Not that she's like my mom, but she does mom-like things like:

1) Puts me to bed. Just about every night, she comes and gets me off the computer. This sometimes starts as early as 10 p.m. but often it starts around midnight. She comes in the office and sits there looking at me, then makes a sound of distress. If I ignore her, she tends to jump on the back of my chair and meow into my ear. If I still ignore her, which I do, she steps over to the pull-out writing board on my desk and sit there bugging me. She glares, she stretches and head-butts my arm, she paws me, she tries getting on the desk proper and blocking my view of the screen, LOL. Last night she did all of this and I put her in my lap to mollify here. What does she do? First, she glares at my IM client, where I was chatting with tharain. And then she opens my bathrob and starts tugging on the ties on my nightgown. OK, am I crazy or does she want me to go to bed? And yes, when I finally get in, she follows me in and stays under the covers for some time, usually no more than a half an hour. I believe she's "tucking me in" and when I'm about to fall asleep, she leaves.

2) Wakes me up. Pretty much without fail, Luckie wakes me up every day. Sometimes she does it way, way too early, like 5 a.m., but more often she does it right on time, like 8 or 8:30. She's completely unsubtle, hopping on the bed and sticking her snout (complete with wet, cold nose) in my ear and purring really loudly. Then she'll headbutt me or start running all around the bedroom making little squeaking sounds. Sometimes I mess with her by pretending to be awake but then going to sleep again and she'll hop back up and start meowing, like, "Bad Wendy, bad Wendy!"

She cracks me up.
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Working NOT at home

Today I went on a field trip to an office!

OK, actually I worked there. And I wore one of my nice suits, so I could better blend in :)

I'm signed on as one of the consultants on a corridor study project Caleb's work is involved with and today was our internal kick-off meeting. That ran from 10-11:30 and involved all parties exchanging info and plans on moving forward. I didn't have much to do or say since my job is doing the public involvement portion (web site, flyers, postcards, etc.), but still, it wasn't too bad.

After that Caleb's work needed me to burn a copy of their current web site and a couple of project sites, so I did that.

Finally it was lunchtime and Caleb took me out to Zocalo, this little Mexican place on 10th St. that's been here as long as I've been in Atlanta, only I've never been there. Yummy burritos, even without the sour cream and cheese, which I asked them to leave off. Mmmm!

Back at the office, I got assigned the task of creating an "outreach postcard" for the first two public meetings of the project. First I had to look up the specs on the printer's site, then download and set up an Adobe Illustrator template. I haven't Illustrator in like 5 years so there was a bit of a learning curve, but over the course of a couple of hours, I managed to get the card laid out. Caleb and some folks have to proof it, but basically I think I did a good job.

Now I'm back home and probably have a lot of emails to catch up with. Also, more work for Caleb's company. Yay.