January 11th, 2006

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Randomsity at 12:33

...My nephew Ian may be visiting me over his spring break. He's a senior in high school. Yay. He's a really good kid.

...Just found a place I can buy MP3s of 2 Klaus Nomi albums for like $3.00 total. I don't do MP3s really, except for him. Having him just always on my hard drive is so convenient!

...I also got, free, an MP3 somebody ripped off a video, of Klaus Nomi doing this whacked out version of "Falling in Love Again" (Marlene Dietrich's song from The Blue Angel).

...I almost skipped working out tonight since Caleb and Daniel came over, but my Angel won over my Devil and I did it.

...Been doing a run-through on the novella, editing the hardcopy, and I'm pleased with it.

...I am verrrry tempted to adopt a boy guinea pig at the humane society. He's INSANELY cute. I would have to have him neutered, however.

...Luckie's getting spayed tomorrow!

Cat getting spayed

Oh, before I go to bed...

Luckie's having her operation tomorrow.

Anybody have any advice on post-op treatment for a spayed cat?

I'm sure the vet will sit down and tell me what to do and expect, but personal experiences from people would be helpful.

I plan on having a "nest" for her ready when she gets home, something on the ground she can just get in and lie in without jumping up. I also plan on keeping her to the main room, as that way she'll have less room to run around and less things to jump up on. I just don't fancy the idea of her jumping up on my bed or bathroom counter, both of which are unusually high (lucky for me), when she has stitches, you know?

Kitty's Day

So I dropped Luckie at the vet this morning. I felt so bad. She knew something was up, I swear, and I had to chase her and/or trick her to get her into the carrier. Then on the way to MARTA she was shaking, scared of the buses, trucks, etc., all making noise. She was calm by the time I had her at the vet's office, but ugh, I still felt bad.

Afterward I dropped by my friend Eleanor's house, since she live just around the corner. I was only going to stay for 20 minutes for coffee but it turned into about two hours. This was good, as she's a dear, we chatted, and she has a tiny kitten with a broken leg in a splint... aw. I also got 2 cups of coffee and, once her B&B guests got up, helped her make them breakfast. I did scrambled eggs. I felt much better after being over there.

Now, however, I feel so weird, home with no cat. Luckie's at the vet all day. I'm glad I'll be at the animal shelter this afternoon and won't be dwelling on her too much.
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Perhaps I've read too much mpreg, because I just read the headline "Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting baby" and thought, "Cool, Brad's pregnant!" LOL. Does seem more likely to me than Angelina though.
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I am home from the humane society. Luckie is home, too.

I have rope burn from walking dogs. Luckie has some icky looking stitches in her belly.

I am really tired. Luckie is rather disorientated and pissed off.

I'm in my office. She's in the bathroom, where she can least damage herself.

Princess Luckie update

Well, I went up to Midtown with the boys and when I came back Luckie seemed fine -- except for being really grouchy about being locked in the bathroom. Which I can understand! I went in there with her for 15 minutes TLC and gave her a plate of "cat milk," which quieted her down completely. She was even playing with her toys and being affectionate -- she just wanted out of the room!

Finally I came up with a creative solution. I wanted to bring her out without risking her doing something crazy or hiding under furniture. So I got her leash and let her walk around. After doing that in the living room for a bit, I took her to the bedroom. I set up a chair next to the bed, so instead of making a big jump, she can make two small jumps. She figured this out right away. And after watching her do this a few times, I took the leash off.

I'm going to just let her sleep in the bedroom with me tonight, with all the doors closed but her litter box and food available. She's bound to be happier in a familiar, comfortable environment than in that little bathroom, which is all tiled and kind of cold. I'll pull out my suitcase and make a "nest" for her so she can sleep nearer the floor if she wants.

Meanwhile aside from licking her wound clean and having a shaved belly, she seems pretty well normal. She's not shaking, flinching, or making any more growls or anything, and she's being playful and affectionate.

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Jeez, life is SO unfair!

Fetuses do not count as passengers when it comes to determining who may drive in the carpool lane, a judge has ruled.

Like, NO FREAKIN' SHIT! I mean, it WAS sharing the woman's commute, but not in the way the carpool lane regulations intended. Like, is she saving the air by keeping the unborn baby from driving its vehicle? I think not!

People are SO bizarre.

Like I should go somewhere where admission is buy one, get one half off, then point to my stomach and say it's my unborn child, so take 1/4 off my price. LOL. Without any way of knowing, people would believe it.

P.S. Yes, I'm being silly. Again.
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