January 12th, 2006


Feeling crappy, middle-of-the-night panic

Woke up today feeling hangeroverish, only I didn't drink. I think yesterday just gave me a hangover. Between the whole spaying thing and the dog work at the shelter, my juice just got sucked out a bit.

Meanwhile I had such a scare last night. I found myself awake sometime around 2:30. "Hmm, where's Luckie?" I asked myself. I fumbled around and found her on the pillow next to my head. I turned to look at her and was surprised to find she wasn't looking at me, since she always wakes up if I touch her, wake up, etc. Well, she was o-u-t. In fact, she didn't even seem to be breathing! I shook her and nothing happened. I swear, I thought she'd had a stroke from a blood clot caused by her operation or something and had just died. I shook her for 3-4 seconds before I saw some breathing, but she still had her eyes shut. I started calling her name and gently shaking her more and finally she opened her eyes. She was all muddled. I think she was in the midst of actual true sleep, not just a nap, and possibly it was deeper than usual due to the events and drugs of the previous day. Poor kitty!

Afterward I remained so panicked I had to get up. I then noticed that the little light I'd left on by the dresser was out. I'm sure the light bulb died and that's what woke me up, not the cat "dying." Well, I hope anyway! I seemed to take a long, long time for me to fall asleep again.
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I don't have any conclusive proof (no fever, no coughing up stuff best not mentioned, etc.) but I think I'm getting sick. Have managed to resist the urge to crawl back into bed (Luckie has the right idea) but am functioning on low power and feel this sort of insidious sickness creeking up on me.
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Now oddly and rather incredibly, I have just found 4 really good jobs to apply for. I will do so tomorrow morning. That's a bit uncanny.

3 of them are my usual sort of jobs (web design, IT stuff) but one is totally off-the-wall but I LOVE the idea: Tour Guide for the Atlanta Segway Tours company, which does Segway tours of Atlanta. They're based 5 minutes from here and your job is to be a tour guide while running around on those Segway human transporters (in common use around here, as our Downtown Ambassadors employ them). You must be personable and have knowledge of the city. I will apply, what the heck, you know? The other jobs are good too but this one had me going, "Whoah, that'd be COOL!" Also would get me away from the computer. Bonus!