January 13th, 2006

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Me and the Cat

So I wake up today and my eyelids are all swolen. WTF? Is this what happens when you cry before bedtime? I look like absolute sh*t. This really doesn't matter, since I'm going to be mainly filling out job applications and doing other work from home, but ugh, I totally did not want to see myself in the mirror today looking like that. I'm surprised Luckie even recognizes me.

Oh, and Luckie is seemingly at like 100% now, with all the drugs worn off and hear stitches and everything looking perfect. She's probably wondering why I haven't been picking her up, but other than that, her life is back to normal. She's sleeping with me, watching "Bird TV," eating lots of cat food, chasing packing popcorn, etc.
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Here's hoping!

Well, I've applied for 3 jobs so far today, including one working as a tour guide for this company. I truly think the last job would be very good for me because I would be outside, with people, away from the computer. I like web design, computers, etc., but I have a contradictory belief that they are bad for me. I can always continue my consulting work and computer use on the side. Anyway, no idea if I have an icecube's chance in Hell of being considered for that job but hey, gotta try, right? The other two jobs are ones I'm well-qualified for. I have one more to go, although I think it's in Dunwoody (northern suburb, accessible only by a 35-minute train ride plus some bus/walking) so I might postpone applying until after lunch.

It just started raining out, so I think I may not go grocery shopping as I'd planned; I don't really want to get wet waiting for the bus to and back. That's fine. Not like I don't have 800 other things to do. And not like I don't have a completely filthy main room (yeah, 3-4 days is all it takes) I should take care of.

Wish me luck!
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I haven't been very hungry, yesterday or today. Perhaps my diet is teaching my stomach to shut the hell up. I'm amazed.

Meanwhile, I've mentioned it my "fat journal" already, but yay, I've lost 5-6 lbs. already.
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From thefridayfive - Food

1. What is the most adventurous food you've ever tried?

Durian. Also the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever attempted to eat.

2. What is the most adventurous food you'd be willing to try?

I'd like to eat bugs or insects, like roasted crickets or something. I've seen such on TV several times and think it would probably be good. Plus, oh, the protein!

3. Would you have a problem eating dog meat and why or why not?

If I was out in the boonies of Asia somewhere and my hosts were being nice and offered me dog meat, sure. Otherwise, no, because dogs aren't intended as food around where I live. Plus, I don't eat meat except when I'm vacation anyway.

4. For the most part, do you consider your diet to be balanced?

Now it is. The only unbalanced things: 1) I don't eat meat and 2) for diet reasons I'm avoiding cheese and other fat-filled dairy products.

5. Which is more appealing- being a vegetarian for the rest of your life or being a strict carnivore for the rest of your life?

I'm a vegetarian but I'm not strict; I'll eat fish, shrimp, lobster, etc., and I'll eat meat at holidays (Thanksgiving) or on vacation (esp. England). I used to be a horrible vegetarian, having meat when I was eating out, but now I won't eat it when I'm out at restaurant either. I definitely would NOT be a "strict carnivore," whatever that is. (Actually, I think Storm is a strict carnivore, now that I think of it, LOL.)
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What a way to end a week

I know it's Friday the 13th but I truly don't think I deserved the bad luck I just had!

Things were going great for me today when I decided to go grocery shopping up at the Atlantic Station Publix. I took the 5 o'clock bus up, arrived around 5:30, went shopping, and by 6 was out waiting for the return bus home.

This is when my luck stopped.

I absently checked for my monthly MARTA pass, which I know I'd stuck in my coat pocket. Only it wasn't there! I frantically searched my purse and wallet for it, to no avail. Thinking it might have fallen out of my pocket in Publix, while I was rummaging around for my shopping list, I lugged my two large bags of groceries back to the store and did a search. The produce manager was very helpful and went all around the store with me, but it wasn't anywhere to be seen. Customer Service hadn't seen it either. We concluded that somebody scooped it off the floor and kept it. Argh! Those things are $52.50/month and it's only the 13th!

Bad luck continued, as I had only a *nickel* in cash on me, so I had to use the ATM, then get in line and wait and wait and WAIT 'til the lady could make change for me.

I went out thinking the bus would be there in a few minutes. It was 6:30. By 7 it still had not come and I was freezing since the temp had dropped down. Meanwhile the shuttles to Arts Center kept going by and I ignored them. Then when I was getting pissed off, I went to wait on the shuttles... and then they promptly stopped coming by, so finally I wound up on the bus -- at 7:10!

So it was over an HOUR after leaving the damn Publix that I got to sit down on a bus! I didn't get home 'til 7:30 and my hands are still cold.

Re my pass, I left my biz card with Customer Service on the dim chance somebody turns in my card later. Meanwhile tomorrow I need to buy some tokens.


P.S. I will add that while waiting for the bus I got phone call from Caleb that might possibly represent some very GOOD news, but I won't know for a few days.

Happy Birthdays

It's two of my sisters' birthday today! Yes, they have the same birthday although, no, they're no twins. Nancy is 47 and Betty is 45. I sent them an email and Nancy for her part was thrilled to get something, as our family doesn't tend to do birthdays, as there are just too many of us. FYI to any of those curious, my sister Carolyn is going on 44 and my only brother, Tom, is going on 39. I'm 31 (going on 32 in August.)