January 16th, 2006


Product Recs

OK, I need a product rec, but I'm willing to put out a product rec in return.

I need... to get some kind of battery recharger. I want to use rechargable AA batteries for my CD walkman, instead of using regular batteries, since I've been going through 2 a week and it seems a huge waste. Anybody have a rec for a good charger? Otherwise I will go to Target or CVS but if there's an especially good one I'll look harder or order online.

I recommend... La Mexicana salsa. I got some at Publix the other day and it is INCREDIBLE! It was in the product aisle I think and that's appropriate because it's SO fresh. It doesn't come in a bottle, but in a semi-opaque plastic container. The tomatoes are just like fresh chopped and the spiciness (I got the mild) is just right. Lots of cilantro. Tastes like somebody JUST made it. Yum! It's made in California I think.
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7 Things

Got tagged by uigenna.

1. Write down 7 things that piss you off
2. Tag 7 people

1. People who call Midtown "Downtown" and vice versa.
2. Paranoia over crime.
3. Being hit up for money 5 times in a 3-block walk.
4. Giant SUVs being driven by ONE person, usually a tiny woman.
5. Cars that don't stop at crosswalks.
6. People who don't pick up after their dogs.
7. People who walk slowly and obliviously down the sidewalk, block it for everybody else.

(I guess I woke up in a mood to complain about people who make city life miserable at times.)

Tagging nervouscricket, vaysh (who surely has reason to be pissed off today), leduck, versailles_rose, rebness.


So I decided to brush Luckie last night, which I rarely do since she's a shorthair, and suddenly I realized why she's seemed "off" to me these past few days, since her operation: She wasn't purring! But when I brushed her last night, she started purring again, very loudly. Afterward I held her and she kept on purring and she was doing it in bed last night and again this morning. Luckie normally purrs just about all the time, it seems, but I think the discomfort and pain of the operation threw off her natural state, which is contentment, ergo purrpurrpurrrrrrrrrr. I guess she's getting better!
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Several times yesterday -- at the reader's group meeting, the festival/tour meeting, chatting with marchenland, and in a talk with my mom -- I wound up talking about how I'm now looking for a full-time job, having decided that the self-employment thing just isn't cutting it.

And you know what? The more I talked about it, the better I felt about it. It's like this great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sure, I have to write out my quarterly tax check right now and there are some checks I need to deposit, but basically now that I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I feel a lot better. I guess in the back of my mind, I knew things really weren't working financially. I think the only reason I didn't face up to this last summer is that Caleb paid back his loan in late 2004 and that kept my afloat six months longer.

Oh, well. I will continue with Metro Girl -- as I have since 1998 -- and keep all the new clients I got, plus all the new efficiency practices like using QuickBooks, and soon with a job AND side income, I will once again have the money I need to start saving, do home repairs, get the 10 replacement fillings and crowns I need, etc. Whoopee!

I've been TP'd!

I was just concentrating on some financial work. Apparently concentrating too hard, as somehow I didn't notice Luckie going into the bathroom, attacking the toilet paper roll (sitting on the floor), dragging it into the bedroom and "killing" it. The TP has teeth marks all over it and little pieces of TP are all over the place. She's snuggled on her pillow on the bed like, "What?! Me?! No, must've been the other cat."
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Interview #1

Well, I've been called in for an interview tomorrow!

It's not my top pick, mostly because the pay isn't that great and I'd probably have to wear "professional" clothes every day, but it's a Downtown job and very convenient, so what the heck. It's not everybody who can find a job a 10-minute walk from home.

Now the only pain is that the personnel company recruiting for the job is out in DeKalb County in some office park and I have to THERE to interview. So no doubt I'll be leaving at 8 a.m. for my 10:30 interview just because it'll take me that long to get out there and find my way from whatever bus route I take. I always get so lost in office parks / suburban developments. They're not meant to be walked so you're always climbing on embankments, getting splashed by cars, not being able to find the door to the building, etc.

Hopefully I will hear from my #1 preference as far as jobs tomorrow. I might've heard from them today but they were closed for the MLK holiday.