January 17th, 2006

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Quote me

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. - William Butler Yeats

This is the quote I have on my LJ. It was also my "senior quote" in my high school yearbook.

Amazing how well this statement holds up.


Meanwhile, off I go to an interview. I don't really want this job, but it'll be good practice for me to have an interview. Last time was like 5-6 years ago!
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Adventures in Interviewland

Well, I'm back!

Just to show how much work is sometimes involves in simple things: I left here at 9, got my weekly MARTA pass, and rode up to Lenox. Arrived around 9:35 to catch the 10:10 bus. As always, I had my book, but still wished I had slept another half an hour and taken a later train. Bus left on time and dropped me off right in front of the building I needed to go to -- right on time, 10:30. The interview was over by 10:50. I went out and called Caleb to get info on the next bus time but luckily as I was on the phone I saw the 8 coming. After taking that bus and riding the train back to Downtown, I was home at 11:45. So about 3 hours effort for a 20 minutes interview?

The interview itself went well, despite its short length. This wasn't a real interview pe se, but more like a screening interview, as the person talking with me was a personnel recruiter who's paid to "deliver" interviewees. He basically went over all my information, resume, etc., taking notes, asking for clarification, asking me why I was looking for a job, telling me bits and pieces of what the position would be. He would not disclose the name of the company but I told him I was 99 percent sure I knew, since from his information on what building they're in and their line of business, it's quite obvious. I was told that he'd be checking my references -- luckily I printed out a sheet of such last night -- and then send my stuff on to the company. If they're interested, he'll arranged for the real interview to happen. And if that doesn't work out, I'll still be on file with his company, who could possibly hook me up with another job in future.

Right now I'm going to catch up on various bits of work and errands, then at 3 I'm headed to Caleb's office to do grunt work putting labels on postcards, about 5000 of them I think. I have no idea if I'm getting helping with that. If not I may be doing that tomorrow, too. A very nice plus of going to his office today is that apparently there is a check waiting for me covering a whole host of invoices, so that I will in fact be able to pay all my bills at the end of this month. Not a minor deal! Then tonight I'm meeting up with Amanda for dinner.

P.S. I really should get Caleb to take a picture of me in one of my suits, so I can make an icon out of it. Today I wore one of the two all-black suits I have. This is one of the $800 ones Caleb's ex-boss Alycen gave me at one point. Fancy-schmancy, with lined pants. And long enough too! I'm wearing it with a violet silk shirt, also from Alycen. With: black and white "pimp" socks from the shop downstairs and a pair of black Rangoni knock-offs by Monroe.
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I am inventive

I've noticed that for at least the past month I've been using post-it notes as disposable coasters for when I eat fruit at my desk. Instead of getting up to put the fruit in the garbage all the way in the kitchen, I break out a post-it and set the apple/pear/banana down on it. I wonder if there's a market for disposable coasters?????
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Zipping around

I'm home. Again. I swear I feel like I ran around all day. Wait, I did run around all day!

First I had the interview. Then a couple hours later I went up to Caleb's office. Then I got back and a couple hours after that, went up to Doraville, where I went out to dinner with Lea & Amanda. Then we went over their house and hung out, then I came out.

Now, to accomplish this I:
- walked to Peachtree Center
- took the train to Lenox
- took the 47 bus to the interview
- took the 8 bus to Brookhaven
- took the train back to Peachtree Center
- walked home from Peachtree Center
- took the 10 to Midtown
- walked to Caleb's office
- walked to North Avenue
- took the train from North Avenue home to Peachtree Center
- walked home from Peachtree Center
- walked to Peachtree Center
- took the train to Doraville
- rode in a car to eat
- rode in a car to friends' house
- rode in a car back to Doraville
- took train from Doraville to Peachtree Center
- walked home from Peachtree Center

I realize some people -- like Caleb -- travel all over the place every day, but this was a lot for me. Good thing I got a weekly pass this morning instead of tokens. It already paid for itself in one day, I think!