January 18th, 2006


Oma's Neighborhood

versailles_rose just made a post that reminds me of something I was going to share today:

Last night I was trying to go to sleep when suddenly I was struck by the memory of this little park Oma (my grandmother) used to take me to in Shawsheen, the neighborhood in Andover where she lived. It was like my brain suddenly dropped some random cards and I had to pick them up. In the process, I realized I remembered all sorts of details about the park, plus details of every other place in the neighborhood I used to go with Oma.

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This was all 1979-1981 when I was 5-7 years old (see my icon), so old memories that apparently are etched deep!

My earliest memory also relates to Oma: Looking out the venetian blinds of her Bronx apartment to the ugly parking deck across the street. I must have been 3-4.
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I just heard a really disturbing sound I've never heard before -- guinea pig choking sounds! Eek! I gave the girls some celery, which I've been doing regularly, and even though I broke it up into pieces, Abbie must've got a "string" or two caught in her throat. I saw her choking/clearing her throat and felt so helpless. Can't exactly do the Heimlich on a guinea pig! She did it 4-5 times, with about 30 seconds in between in time. The sound is kind of like... somebody cursing in Japanese maybe? Or maybe it's more like the sound Gollum would make if he coughed. She seems OK now though. I put out some tomatoes, which are watery, and mixed in some water, so hopefully eating it flushed out her throat. Poor dear. I've always been told to chop up the celery stalks but I guess I need to cut the pieces smaller, with a knife instead of just ripping it into 5-6 pieces with my hands.
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My friend murnkay has started a new community/LJ zine called cinemaeater where he and a friend reviews really horrible movies. So far he's done War of the Worlds (the recent one) and Maniac Nurses. If you have any love/hate for bad movies, join this community!