January 21st, 2006

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This makes me ill

Much as I try and avoid reality TV shows, damn, this NY Times piece is discouraging :(

Television Cul-de-Sac Mystery: Why Was Reality Show Killed?

A year ago, Stephen Wright and his partner, John Wright, embarked on a sociology experiment that only a reality show producer could concoct: theirs was one of seven families competing to persuade the residents of a cul-de-sac here to award them a red-brick McMansion purchased on their behalf by the ABC television network.

The unscripted series, "Welcome to the Neighborhood," was heavily promoted and scheduled to appear in a summer time slot usually occupied by "Desperate Housewives." Stephen Wright, 51, who was already living in a nice house a few miles away with his partner and adopted son, said he participated primarily for one reason: to show tens of millions of prime-time viewers that a real gay family might, over the course of six episodes, charm a neighborhood whose residents overwhelmingly identified themselves as white, Christian and Republican.

As it turned out, the Wrights did win - beating families cast, at least partly, for being African-American, Hispanic, Korean, tattooed or even Wiccan - but outside of a few hundred neighbors (who attended private screenings last summer) and a handful of journalists, almost no one has been able to see them do so.

Why? Because they NEVER AIRED IT. And the whole connection to Narnia -- Disney/ABC possibly backing out of b/c they were courting Christian groups -- makes me wanna scream. You'd think my reflexes would be worn out after many such stunts, but no, apparently not.
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Saturday, dazed and confused

I seem to have slept through most of today, but hey, it IS Saturday, right?

Went to bed around 1 and was woken up at 8:15 by Luckie. "Uh uh!" I said, and rolled over, back to sleep. I then proceeded to have an extremely weird dream (uigenna, you were in it, and you don't want to know what you were doing) which kept me locked into sleep until 10:15. When I woke up, I had marks over half my body from clinging so tightly to the bed. Luckie was lying on top of me, probably having watched over me the whole time, confused as to why she couldn't wake me up.

So finally I got up and after about an hour, I managed to get myself out the door and over to the vet, where they removed Luckie's sutures. This only took about 10 minutes in the office and there was no charge, so home again I went.

I was only home for a half an hour before I felt really tired all of a sudden and konked out on the bed -- 'til 2:30! Oops. But I feel refreshed now, so I guess for some reason I needed that.

The rest of the day, I hope to be more productive -- work, cleaning, and some IP business. Maybe I'll make that bread recipe I've had the cookbook opened to for a whole week ;) I kind of assume I will be seeing Caleb and/or Daniel at some point, but what for, I don't know. I also have to work out.

Cat fight, movie

So Pugsley came over again, to visit Luckie. While they got on *slightly* better than before, it basically ended in a stand-off, with Pugsley opting for a quiet, protected spot next to the birdcage and Luckie hiding under the sideboard across the room. LOL. Both of them uttered some major hisses and at one point Pugsley "spat" at Luckie. Most of the agression was from Luckie, while Pugsley apparently has excellent control of his temper. The worst of it was when Daniel and Pugsley were leaving. I picked Luckie up and Daniel took Pugsley and suddenly it was like cat fight in mid-air! Pugsley went nuts when he was in paws-reach and Luckie started "barking" and swiping. They made a quick exit. Within 30 seconds, Luckie was relaxed and being all affectionate. They are creatures of instinct and I guess they'll remain so ;)

Meanwhile Pugsley was actually over for more than two hours, as Daniel and Caleb came over for a visit, then tea, then watched Spirited Away. Caleb left around half-way through to go home for some "quiet time," but Daniel stayed to enjoyed the f'd up wonders of the movie. The cats were quiet almost the whole time, as they stayed away from one another.

I guess soon we're going out to dinner. Going to go to Harmony, the vegetarian Chinese place on Buford Highway. We haven't been there in a long time and I am thinking of the "mock shrimp" :)