January 25th, 2006

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Dreams of a collective future

I keep having dreams that the economy has either tanked or been taken over by Communists, and as a result, everybody is relocated to living in collective housing. Dreamt this the other night and then last night I dreamt I was sharing an apartment/dorm with a 50ish black man. We got on really well actually. The strange thing is that even though we were all basically poor, with a reduced standard of living, everybody seemed to have these really cool-looking expensive DVD players made out of cream-colored marble. Yeah, I'm sure the future will be JUST like that!
sideview, obamame_sideview


I was riding the train south when the woman next to me turned and said "Excuse me." I got up, thinking she was getting off at the next stop and needed me out of the way, but then she said, "No, no, sorry, I just have a weird question." And then she asked me how to spell "brocolli," because she had her grocery list and wanted to be sure she had it right. Yes, spelling vegies on MARTA!

EDIT: Well, as thespian has pointed out, I gave the woman the wrong spelling. D'oh!