January 26th, 2006

ice cream

OK, OK, I'm up!

I guess the world really wanted me to get up in a timely fashion.

Not only did my mom call me at 8:10 a.m. (unprecedented!) but Luckie managed to pull up the shade next to my bed! LOL.
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Well, finally!

I've had my mobile phone for over 3 years. Not until THIS WEEK, did I finally memorize the number. The reason? I've had to give it to all these job recruiters. I just could not remember it before and had been carrying it around on a sticky note in my wallet for three freaking years! I also wrote it on the phone number list in my wallet. What a doofus I am, at times.
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Zoom zoom zoom

Amazing how going out of town motivates me.

Last night I picked up the bedroom, bathroom and office, then billed all my monthly clients.

This morning I: deposit client checks at the bank; deposited Georgia pension money check to my IRA; mailed out Wraeththu picture book orders; picked up prescriptions at CVS; got my allergy shot at the clinic; got vegies at Kroger for my guinea pigs; and (OK, not so "productive") had lunch at Fleurs des Lis downstairs.

Now I'm going to enter a pile of receipts, get my accounts in order, pay myself, then pay all my bills, seeing as I'll be out of town 'til the 6th. After that, I have to pack. By now packing isn't a big deal for me, especially as I have a check-list which lists out everything I need, so I don't miss anything.
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"Networked Individualism"

This report rings awfully true!

Internet serves as 'social glue'

In the past, it has been suggested that the internet and e-mail could diminish real relationships.

But the report, entitled The Strength of Internet Ties, found that e-mail supplements rather than replaces offline communications.

"The larger, the more far-flung, and the more diverse a person's network, the more important e-mail is," said Jeffrey Boase, one of the report's authors.

...Co-author of the report, he identifies what he terms as the rise of networked individualism - where users of modern technology are less tied to local groups and increasingly part of more geographically scattered networks.

The complete report is here
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About to go!

Well, I'm about to leave. We're flying Air France / Delta to Paris, then switching planes to Milan. dadi is meeting us there. The weather is quite snowy, I understand. I've packed boots, gloves, scarf, hat, thick winter stockings, thermal underwaer and two sweaters, including the alpaca turtleneck. Wish us luck!