January 28th, 2006

ice cream

Made it -- finally!

Well, after a long, LONG trip, we two have finally made it to dadi's in Italy. We left the 26th... and it's now the 28th.

We made it to Paris fine, on time, but turns out all northern Italy was under snow, so all flights to Milan and any other nearby cities were cancelled. At first they tried to get us on a later flight, but that was cancelled and so we ended up in France for the night! Air France took care of us, giving us vouchers for free lunch, dinner, and breakfast, plus free hotel over night. We stayed in a hotel nearby, just in Roissy, next to Charles DeGaulle airport. Aside from the fact we only had our carry-on luggage and it was very cold, it was nice. We walked into the Roissy and bought some groceries, watched French TV news, ate, and slept well. This morning we had a big French breakfast and went to the airport. The flight was a litttle bit late leaving, but we did finally arrived in Milan. Of course our luggage had been lost. Making a long story short, after 2-3 hours, we were able to have the luggage people locate our stuff -- which is in Paris. Supposedly it will arrived on a 5:30 flight today. We'll go get it tomorrow. We don't have any change of clothes, warm sweaters, etc., but soon we will.

We are very happy to be here, however. Caleb is borrowing a rasor from Dagmar so he get rid of his "beard." I'm playing a Klaus Nomi CD I made and soon we may go for a walk. Dinner, too! Ah. I wish I'd been here YESTERDAY already, but oh, well, we now have over a week to enjoy in Italy.