January 29th, 2006

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From the North of Italy

So here I am in Riva del Garda, at the foot of the Italian Alps and the top of a marvelous, huge lake, Lago Garda. The ride up here was incredible, as the whole edge of the lake (as big as a Great Lake) is rocky cliffs, so the road is mostly through tunnels, some of them through solid rock! Above were all these, well, Alps! It was too awesome! We stopped at one town half-way up the lake and walked around, then had tea at this hole in the wall place, where the old men were all watching a Laurel and Hardy movie, dubbed into Italian. Tonight we checked into this fab hotel, very modern, and afterward walked around the city, which is quite scenic, even though it's completely DEAD, as this is the antithesis of tourist season. We had delicious pizza, of course. Tomorrow Dagmar will be at a conference from 9 to 2, so Caleb and I will be able to roam around, shop, take picture, etc. Then there'll be another wonderfully scenic ride home to Rovello Porro.