February 5th, 2006

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Last night in Italy

So tonight's the last night here in Italy. This seems like a long trip, which I guess it is, as it'll be 10 days altogether. We also traveled a lot, including that surprise 24 hours in France, Riva del Garda and the lake, a couple days in Rovello Porro, trips to Saronno and Varese, two days in Florence, and then today going in to Milan. Time enough for Caleb to eat an estimated 30 brioche and both of us to eat a whole lot of good pizza and countless cups of espresso.

We had today to ourselves, as Dagmar won't be arriving back from Germany until verrrrry late tonight. We had the housekeys, however, and the train station is only five minutes away, so we went into Milan. Round trip tickets are only like $2.50 or something. For the Milan Metro, we got 24-hr. passes that were only $3 or something. So how convenient is that?!

We went to the big H&M, a Zara located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, a few Italian department stores (OMG, kitchenware was INSANE!) and this fast food place that stressed me out and had lousy salad. After that we took a tram across the city to a park that was like Central Park. We walked through there a while and there was this big Neoclassical triumphal arch that Caleb liked. There was also a children's play area with a coffee place in it, so naturally espresso and brioche time!

After that, again the Metro I think and we went to another park, then found the really ritzy section of Milan we missed over the summer; the area where you find Dolce & Gabana on every BLOCK, and all the stores were either ones you see ads for in W magazine or Pradas. There was even a Diesel KIDS store! Luckily it wasn't all uber-expensive store, as nearby there was an UPIM having a huge sale, so 50% off on lady's fashion tights... so I got 4 pairs for 12 euros total, the most expensive being like 3-4. So nice!

By that point we were all done and took the Metro and then the train back to Rovello Porro. For dinner we went to the pizzaria right next door to Dagmar's and had magnifo pizza.

Right now Caleb is packing and I will soon be doing the same. The flight home tomorrow should go a lot more smoothly than our flight here. We get home pretty late though, like after 9 p.m. I think, so I'm sure I will just collapse upon arrival home. Luckie will go crazy when she sees me!