February 8th, 2006

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Still in a fog

I wish I could come back from these fantastic trips and continue on with the good feelings, in body and mind, I had when I was away. However, such is not the case, as jetlag bites my butt nearly every time. Thus it takes me two or three days before I can stop just sort of fumbling around. It's a lot like depression, actually, with lethargy, limited ability to focus, apathy, and a headache to boot. There are about a million things on my To Do list right now, both business and personal, including preparing stuff so my damn taxes can be done, and it's going to take all week to sort that out, since I can do only one thing at a time right now, and only very slowly. Apologies to anybody waiting on me to do something, but I am doing the best I can.

Oh, and yes, I have a TON of pictures from Italy to share, but I'm too blah to manage that at the moment. Should do WORK first.
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This'll teach me to go away

I am up to my Jan. 29 email. I read it while in Italy but now I'm actually taking care of all the stuff I promised I'd do, when I replied. No other way but to just go through the inbox and take them one by one. I am entirely too popular.

On a related note, I wrote out a list of the trips I took in 2005 and to my astonishment, determined I was "out of the office" for about 10 weeks (7 of those in Europe). Um, and I wonder why putting a hold on my mail has begun to feel totally routine? Also, any wonder my freelance business didn't support me?
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Dark God Laughing Review

A Dark God Laughing, which I edited for Immanion Press -- and did the cover art and web site for -- has just been reviewed in Emerald City (www.emcit.com), one of the top sites for online fantasy/SF reviews. I am so proud of this I just had to share!

You can read the review here:

Or download it as a PDF file:

For more info on Fiona and her book series (next book will be out this summer, we hope!) visit: http://www.metrogirl.com/mcgavin/.

Whee! The fact it was I who arranged for the book to be reviews -- contacting the reviewer, buying a copy out of my own pocket, sending it on -- makes me extra happy.
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Swooning on Mary Renault

Just finished reading The Last of the Wine by Mary Renault. It's the fifth book of hers I've read and like all the others, absolutely dead brilliant. So many times during my reading, I had to pause and say, "Damn! This writing is AMAZING!" It hits on so many levels and is so vivid, you can't believe it's fiction, albeit it based on historical fact and/or mythology. I cannot recommend her books highly enough.

Oh, and by the way, the other books I've read from her: Fire From Heaven, The Persian Boy, The King Must Die, and The Bull from the Sea (the first two aboutb Alexander the Great, the second two about Theseus). I have The Mask of Apollo waiting to be read, and then after that I want to read Funeral Games, the last book the in Alexander trilogy. Then there's the biography of Alexander the Great and I think still more. I love when great authors have lots of books.


I find this article on homework interesting.

Man, did I have a LOT of homework. In high school I had 4-6 hours a night! I remember my senior year, for my two English classes I had to read a total of around 60 pages a night, plus I had reading for the history/art class I was taking. Then there was Russian homework, which was always time-consuming. (In college freshman year, I had to spend 2-3 hours a day on that alone!)

As far as parents helping, which this article talks about, it was always my dad who helped. I would never have got through math or chemistry -- with a grade above C -- without him. I am forever grateful for him for teaching me to balance equations when I started chemnistry and hadn't really had algebra yet. It's nice to have a dad who remembers *everything* he ever learned, even stuff he learned 50-60 years ago! I never needed help with any of my other homework, as I had no problem with writing, reading, history, biogogy, anatomy, or whatever else.