February 9th, 2006

sideview, obamame_sideview

I can still fool people!

It's nice to know that I can still look good. Some of the pictures taken of me in Italy were awful (i.e. my reaction was, "I am so FAT! Ugh! And old! Ugh!") but this morning I went out around the neighborhood for some errands and got:

Random female on sidewalk: I LOVE your tights! Those are great!

My friend & neighbor Cooper: You look SO pretty! Where are you going? Somewhere special?

Bernice, the daytime security guard: You look all dressed up and spiffy. Do you have an interview?

Cliff, associate at Brites Creations store in my building: You look fantastic -- those tights are great!

So, altogether, not bad. And yes, my tights are in fact awesome. They're ones I got in Germany, red and black, divided into alternating rectangles about 12"x3". (Picture here.) And I'm wearing pumps with 2" heels, so I'm 800 ft. tall and my legs are half of it.

P.S. I didn't gain ANY weight while on vacation. Go me! I have lost 7 lbs. this year I think.


So Luckie, Luckie, Luckie... I missed this cat. She is amazing.

I mean, every hour she comes up with some new thing. She isn't a cat to just sit around -- although she has her lengthy cat nats -- but rather seems to thrive on constantly poking around and, ahem, finding new ways to get my attention. (She just stuck her nose in my sweaty armpit... and earlier she stuck her head in the toilet while I was going pee.)

Just in the bathroom, she's played with: the sink, Q-tips, cotton balls, barrettes, earrings, toothbruth, toothpaste, dental floss, medicine bottles, lipstick, toilet paper, tissues, fancy hat on the manniken, bathrobe, nightgowns... Erm, well, you get the idea.

Today I opened the cabinet where I keep my fiction books and left it open while I looked something up. I wasn't paying attention, so therefore I was surprised to see her rolling around on the floor with something. It was my toy spider! This is the ultimate cat toy, and I'd forgotten about it, since I keep it in the cabinet, along with other creepy things like my "severed hand." Well, Luckie had dragged it out of there and had it wrapped around the scratching post, where she was wrestling with it quite vigorously.

Luckie's main driving force seems to be "What's this? What's that? Oh, what's THAT?" So, very toddler-like, and approprite for a 7-month-old cat. Sooooo cute.

Meanwhile, she continues to shower me with affection and/or pleas for attention. She seems to really like to be picked up. One of my favorite things to do is to sling her over my shoulder so her back legs flop down my back and her head and front legs are in front. She'll let me walk around the whole apartment like that, thinking, "Oh, wow, what a great view!" LOL. She'll let be hold he upside-down, hold she so she's standing on her hind legs, and she loves when I lie in bed and hold her to my chest. She puts her paws on my face and purrs. And she sleeps under the covers with me at least part of every night. Still attempts to put me in bed every night (meowing, jumping on the keyboard, poking me) and wakes me up in the morning by shoving cat toys in my face and nuzzling me.

Anyway, I love this kitty :)
sideview, obamame_sideview

Time for bed, stuff tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my interview. I've just printed out my materials and reviewed the employer's web site -- much more important for me than for other job candidates, since that is what I will be *doing* :) The plan is to go in there confident, which I feel I can be, given what I know about the job, employer, etc.

I also have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I can't wait to tell my doctor how, contrary to his opinion, taking me off Lexapro DID stop me falling asleep every day. He said it was just lack of exercise, but as soon as I stopped taking that stuff, no more crashing asleep for no reason. I have taken a few naps since then, but none of this KABOOM! business. Yay. I can also tell him about how I've kept my New Year's resolutions for exercise and diet change.

Meanwhile I still haven't posted my Italy pictures. Sorry. I'll surely do tomorrow.