February 13th, 2006


Wendy the zookeeper

Some days I feel like such a zookeeper.

Today I woke up around 7:50. Naturally I did not actually get up at that point. Instead I moaned a little. And then Luckie was summoned. She snuck up from behind and politely pawed my cheek. Then she jumped to the right of me and played mommy some more. Finally I took her and flipped her onto my chest (well, bosom) and gave her lovin'. She loves being hugged while simultaneously rubbed and scratched down. She's not a "lap cat," but hold her in your arms like she's a baby and she loves it. Anyway, Luckie got at least 10 minutes of affection and probably will work even harder to wake me up in the morning, if she thinks she'll get that every day.

Finally I got up and did my zookeeping. The piggies got fresh timothy hay (they eat a hayrack-full a day) and two celery stalks, chopped. The birds got some parsley and fresh seed. Luckie got a refill on her dry food and a little dish of yummy wet food.

Luckie thought it would be cool to give my knee love bites while I read the paper today. I wasn't so keen on it, so I dug out one of those catnip mice toys and she's going nuts over it now. I give her five minutes before she comes in here and bugs me.
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V Day

Well, I don't really give a fig about Valentine's Day.

For several years I was dopey and gave Caleb flowers on V. Day, but like I said, that was dopey. He nows gets gifts and such from malibran.

A couple of years ago, I hosted a party with a V. Day theme, just as an excuse for a party. I did the decorations and offered everybody a stick of Wet 'n Wild lipstick. And played the Bill and Coo video, with the lovebirds in love.

If I had a Valentine to care about, then I'd do something, but I don't care that I don't have one. I love flowers but I have no issue buying them for myself. I have bought $70 bouquets for myself in the past. And taken myself out for fancy dinners -- by myself.

Which expresses a lot about my attitude towards dating/relationshis in general.
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Wish List

So when I get a job, I'm going to get some stuff done and/or bought:

- New pea coat from local army/navy store.
- Ceiling lamp for bedroom, plus installation by electrician.
- Piano lessons.
- Cleaning service to come in and, well, clean. Not weekly, just once.
- Speaker system (esp. wireless speakers) for my stereo.
- Re-do of heating/cooling vent intake system.
- Frames for two etching I bought at D*C last year.
- Drapes for bedroom.
- League of Gentlemen boxed DVD set.
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I woke up thinking, "Sh*t, it's cold in here." I thought it was just a question of my bed being really, really warm. But then I saw these giant frost formations on the rooftops out the window. And felt my brass bedframe, which was so cold I wouldn't kiss it for fear of getting stuck! LOL. Well, turns out it's under 30 out, i.e. real cold for Atlanta. My thermostat, in the main room, says its 70 inside but it surely isn't 70 in my office. The western-facing window, large an uninsulated, combined with the lack of any direct heating vent and the thin-wood-flooring-over-concrete means it's plenty cold in here. I'm wrapped up in fleece.

Yes, this is one of those 10 days a year Atlanta is actually wintery.
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She didn't! Wait, she did!

Luckie just stuck her paw in my mug of (cold morning) coffee and licked it. Dipped and licked. Three times. She likes coffee! WTF? I don't think she should have any more, God knows what she will get up to with caffeinne.