February 14th, 2006

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Glases awry

I think my glasses are broken. Or at least, the frames are twisted and at one point, snapped. I didn't do anything to them except wear them every day for five years or something. They're 1950s vintage so not like they're new with a warranty. But oh, well, not like I resent the opportunity to go to Stefan's in Little Five Points and get another pair of vintage frames. Because I will be getting vintage!
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FOUR anomalies from just one MARTA trip home, from Kroger at Brookhaven back home to Downtown:

1) Young black man in dress shirt, sweater and khakis... who would have looked respectable except he had hiked up his (untucked) shirt and sweater to show off his 4-inch-wide gold & platinum beltbuckle, a large oval affair with a giant "V" embossed on it. Um, WTF?

2) 50ish man on MARTA wearing black loafers -- penny loafers with pennies in the slots. (I thought only grade school kids did this.)

3) MARTA train door opens to sound of orchestral version of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" blasting from Civic Station station speakers. It's true that many MARTA stations, esp. the close-in ones, have classical and/or orchestral music piped in, but often its sporadic and rarely is it really loud. (Two funny instances were once when GSU station was playing the theme from Gone With the Wind and another time when at Peachtree Center, Beethnoven's "Moonlight Sonata," which is pretty depression, IMO, was playing.)

4) Garbage truck parked outside Equitable Building with "DREAM SANITATION" on both sides. I know this was a garbage truck, but I couldn't help thinking the truck was staffed with psychologist-censors who'd come make your dreams all clean and un-kinky.

BTW, although nobody ever seems to comment on my "anomalies" posts, I'll keep on with them, as these are the sorts of things I enjoy personally.
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Italy Pictures 1

It's been a week since I've been back from Italy and only now am I getting around to posting pictures. Sorry, folks!

Italy is entirely too photogenic, so there are a ton of photos to post. I am going to try and be good and only do a couple groups a day, possibly posting only one geographic location at a time (Riva, Florence, Milan) rather than dumping them all at once.

First, the first half of the pictures taken on the trip to Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) and the town of Riva del Garda. This is one of the most insanely beuatiful, "Arcadian" places ever visited in my entire life!

Here we are, approaching the Italian Alps.

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A second post will follow this one.
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Smoking Ban for the UK

I know there are some who disagree with such bans, for I for one find this VERY good news:

Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs

Yay! I am so glad that both my trips to Italy were after smoking was banned, because I can imagine how hideous it would've been -- in trains, in restaurants, etc. We could actually enjoy being inside without feeling like our lungs were going to collapse. I know this UK law isn't the same as Italy's exactly, but every little bit is a step forward (or backward, if you're a smoker). Now I'm waiting for Germany to do something. Last time I was in Germany I rode on a "half-smoking" train car and that's a total joke -- smoke all over the train car, because not like the smoke has anywhere to go on a train car. Blech. I respect people's rights to go ruin their lungs outside or in private spaces where they live or do business, but not if they're going to inflict it on me or others who don't smoke, especially kids or people (like me) who already have lung problems.

*happy that even in Georgia she doesn't have to deal with smoke*
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Netflix Friends

I want some people to be my Netflix Friends! You can add me by going to the Friends page (while logged in) and entering my email wdarling [at] abraxis [dot] com. I would love to see what other people I know think of various movies, what they're watching. You can see what I'm up to as well.