February 15th, 2006

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Whoah, eBay really DOES have it all!

Sometimes Googles sponsored links crack me up.

Example, I just did a search on "pregnant men" (aren't we all looking?) and this appeared under sponsored links:

Pregnant Men
Looking for Pregnant Men?
Find exactly what you want today

And in the "OMG! No waaaaaaaaaaay!" department, I also found this group:

Description: "We are a group dedicated to fanfics featuring characters (and/or actors) from the 2004 movie "Alexander" (and similar ancient civilizations), with a focus on MPregs and FemPregs!"

Ummm... I'm kind of speechless here.
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Italy Pictures 3

These pictures are from the couple of days Caleb and I stayed in Rovello Porro with Dagmar. We made a couple of day trips, one a way to nearby Saronno, the other a train trip to Varese. There are also a couple of pictures from the main station in Milan.

On the way back from Lago di Garna, we stopped at a rest area/store:

Caleb in Nutella-land. (Those are 3 kilo bottles, I think!)

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Earlier pictures:
Lago di Garda 1 and Lago di Garda 2.

Who needs kids?

So it's doubtful I'll ever have a kid. And why should I, when I find myself talking like this right now, with my cat?

Honeykin, did you lose Mr. Mouse?

Baby, get down from there. No! No! Bad!

Hi, honey, oh, you're hungry! Poor baby!

You're SUCH a good girl!

And that's just what I say to ONE of the animals!

I'm good with kids too actually. Kids and animals. I find both a lot easier to deal with than grown-ups.
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Job Search Tools

My tools: ComputerJobs, Yahoo! HotJobs, Monster, CareerBuilder, AJC Job Classifieds... and MapQuest, because before I do ANY applying, I need to know WHERE the job is. Just found one that sounded great, until I checked the listed address and it was on the border between Fulton & Cobb... 18 miles away and certainly NOT a delight to reach via MARTA, even if such is possible, which I doubt. I certainly wouldn't want to do that commute every day. Ditto for another job located in an office park in DeKalb County. Um, no. Jobs don't have to be in walking distance, but I'm not getting up at 6 to leave a 7 to start a job at 8, which is what some jobs list as starting time.

Still looking...
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Two yummies in one dish

I love capers. And I love sundried tomatoes. Tonight I looked in one of my cookbooks and found a pasta dish that includes both. Which of course meant I nibbled on capers and sundried tomatoes while I was cooking. More capers than tomatoes though. Why I should adore salted flower buds, I don't know, especially when I've got the super-salted variety, but I do. I wonder if you can make a salad out of just capers and sundried tomatoes? I bet that would be good with couscous.