February 16th, 2006


Wake up, lazy human!

Well, Luckie's penchant for waking me up actually had a purpose today. No, she did not awaken me from a building-wide fire, but she woke me up 20 minutes before a recruiter called, so by the time I answered the phone my morning frog-voice was gone. The guy was actually calling for a Flash designer position (can't do it; anybody looking for a job that pays $80K?) but I managed to connect him with my skills and got his email so I can send him my resume. And if I'd kept sleeping, I would've sound like a lazy, self-employed woman who sleeps in.
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Open that door!

I just made a nuisance of myself again!

I sent in yet another customer complaint to a Kroger supermarket I go to. It's in a plaza built up to the main street but the parking and main entrance are on the back side, with a small entrance facing the streets, for pedestrians to use, complete with a little check-out counter and a pile of baskets. Only they can't seem to keep that door consistently open and it bugs the crap out of me every time I go. Whe the store first opened it was closed, but they got pressure from PEDS and the City's planning department, so they opened it kept that for a while. But then lately they've been shutting it and putting a sign up saying, "Go 'round, poor sods on foot" (well, worded more politely). It's not always shut though, annoying. I go to that Kroger on foot after appointments at Piedmont Hospital and it's always 50/50 if the door is open. I absoutely hate having to go all the way around the building to enter and then going all the way around to exit, especially as you have to walk where all the cars are coming in and out. One time I entered through the back thinking I was all smart and then discovered the front door was open that day. Argh! I've contacted the store two or three times about this, so they must be sick of me.

This is what it means to be a pedestrian advocate here in Atlanta. Stupid stuff like this.

EDIT: Look, got a reply from Corporate already!

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