February 17th, 2006

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Taking the train... to Italy

Had one of those dreams last night that was just TOO weird. The gist of it:

I'm in some suburb of NYC, but I have tickets to take a train trip to Italy. The problem is, I forgot to check into the local train schedules so I can get to NYC, so it's a couple hours before the train leaves and I'm flipping out. I proceed to chase down trains, beg rides off everybody I know (all of whom ignore me), and even get on IM to see if tharain can help me... although he lives in California, so WTF! Oh, and at one point I also explain to somebody how the train I'm taking (to Italy) goes under the Atlantic. The woman I'm telling is shocked, but I'm like, "Well... how else would it get to Europe? If you tried to keep it mostly on land, you'd have to build these enormous bridges, like to Greenland, and that's too expensive." Yeah, and building a rail tunnel under the Atlantic is cheap!

So there's the transportation issue, but then there's the reason I'm going to Italy. Vacation? Nah, not really. I'm going to watch a horse race. I've never been to a horse race in my life, but this is a dream. At one point, after I've given up getting to the train station on time and hope to rebook for the next day, I turn on the TV and there's a horse race / horse show, a lot like the one I'm supposed to see in Italy. Only, in a bizarre twist, the horse show isn't quite like a real one... in fact it's very far from a real one. For example, in the middle of the track they have these giant-size armchairs and sofas, where the horses sit and pose. There's also a costume area where the horses play dress up, as part of the competition. Umm.... where does this stuff come from? Animal Planet, the gay version?!
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Piggies & Kitty

Luckie continues to get along great with Abbie and YinYang. This afternoon YinYang flipped over the pigloo and shortly, afterward, Luckie jumped in and took it up as her "sofa" :)

YinYang: Excuse me, do you MIND?
Abbie: What's going on?
Luckie: Something wrong?

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P.S. Made a couple new icons out of this :)

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Thanks, but no thanks

The public school system in my hometown has turned down federal education funds that would limit them abstinance-only sex ed. Quote: "While the federal money will be primarily distributed to schools where sexual activity rates tend to be higher, [school health coordinator] says that Andover wouldn't take it even if the state offered."


Um, yay! Not that I thought they would go to that level of bull, since they sure as hell didn't teach us "abstinance-only" -- we were given hands-on lessons on how to use a condom, what lubricants are best, how to use foam, etc. If anything, hearing about the dangers of sex just convinced me never to have it. (And look how well it worked!)

This is what makes checking my hometown paper worthwhile.