February 19th, 2006

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A Very Long Sunday

I am so wiped out from today, but damn, it was fun!

First off, slept 'til 10. Then watched "Inside the Actor's Studio" with Dave Chapelle. I have never actually heard his comedy or life story before and was very impressed. I watched it all wearing my bathrobe, fresh out of the shower, since I was too mesmerized and amused to get dressed.

Then at 11, Caleb called, came over, and at 11:30 we went down to the French cafe downstairs for lunch. Daniel met up with us and while the coffee came soon enough, our food took a half an hour, as the normal chef was out today and the sous chef was slooooooow. Good stuff when it came, though, and we had fun, with Daniel sketching out fashions on the paper table cover. It took like 20 minutes for the waitress to deal with our bill, which annoyed us. Afterward Caleb came upstairs for a bit, while Daniel had rush off to a recital.

This is when the fun starts!

At first, it wasn't fun at all. Amanda had called yesterday about wanting to do something today and I said I'd call around 2:30 or 3. So I puttered around the house and then, at 2:30, gave her a call. Got voicemail. Waited 15 minutes, called again. Called at 3, still nothing... but I didn't want to waste the whole afternoon waitingm so I left a voicemail saying I was leaving for Doraville station and would be there at 3:45. Arrived right on time, but she wasn't there. I called and left another message, by this time panicking and thinking maybe Amanda had taken sick, turned off the phone, was in an accident... But I waited outside the station, in the freezing cold, for 25 minutes, and was 5 minutes from leaving when to my utter SHOCK, she and Lee suddenly pulled up in the parking lot. Turns out they'd gone to Best Buy and Lee pulled out the battery on Amanda's for some technical reason... but never put it back, so for an hour or so Amanda was wondering why I hadn't called. I didn't have their home number either!

Anyway, I was cold and hungry by the time they picked me up, but soon they make up for this -- filling me up with chips, good hummus, and surrounding me with their lovable animals (2 dogs, 2 cats). And espresso! Then we watched The Nomi Song, which I had brought. Over the course of it, they made dinner, spaghetti with pasta sauce & shrimp, and for dessert (before watching Nomi's extras) we had chocolate Rice Dream. Mmmm! Then we got into talking, watched a bunch of burlesque & cheesecake they'd Tivo'd off "Something Strange," and then watched Bjorks Medulla videos, which I'd also brought. By the the end of that, it was 10:30!!!!!! I had a massive headache from watching TV for about five hours straight, and it was so late and cold that Amanda drove me all the way home, instead of to the MARTA station. I was very grateful.

Now I just had a mug of boillion and a couple of aspirin. Headache is fading already.

My only regret for today? I thought I'd be home by 8 o'clock and planned to work out, but I stayed out so late and feel so rotten, there's no way I can do it now. Also, I ate more than I should have tonight. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day and I will make sure to stick to my diet and exercise regimin as I should.