February 20th, 2006


From thefridayfive - My Past

1. If you could go back and relive one moment or day from your life, without changing anything, what would you re-experience?

One of the school psych. counseling sessions I had all through elementary school. I used to go 1-2 times a week and yet I don't have any recollection of what I would talk about. I remember making potholders, drawing, playing with puppets, but not the topic of conversation. I'd like to be a fly on the wall and see what I said.

2. If you could witness a moment in history, again without changing anything, what would you want to see?

Day of games at the Colisseum in Rome.

3. If you could talk to a younger version of yourself, what age would you visit and what message would you give?

Oh, probably me at age 10, in 4th grade. I'd tell myself to hang in there, because there's nothing wrong with me, more like something wrong with (just about) everybody else.

Either that, or tell a teenage version of myself to get a move on and learns some basic sexual stuff. And tell me I'm bi. 'Cause I had no idea. *snerk*

4. If you could choose one moment that would be guaranteed to happen in your future, what would it be and when would it happen?

I get interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" to talk about my novels, a book, or something.

5. Pretend you left a time capsule for yourself 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years ago. You just opened it. What three things from your past are you now holding and what age were you when you buried them?

Time capsule from when I was 5, in 1979:

- The red diary I kept at Oma's house, in which I used to do drawings.
- The copy of Struwwelpeter Oma used to read me.
- My red and white checked dress.
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Dad and Mom

Just called home. Mom's been calling me for 3-4 days straight and keeps missing me. So of course I called (and the phone wasn't BUSY) and she wasn't home.

But Dad was! He's had a cold for a week and was hacking up a storm during the first ten minutes we were talking, but then cleared up a bit. He's used a couple box of tissues. We talked for a half hour, about my trip to Italy, the job hunt, Immanion Press stuff, and of course, the weather, as we always must.

Meanwhile Dad gave me an outline of Mom's schedule:

Monday - Work 9-5 as secretary at Unitarian church in Lowell.
Tuesday - 1/2 day doing Meals on Wheels (with Dad), delivering food to elderly residents.
Tuesday - Teaches weekly computer course to seniors at Andover's senior center.
Wednesday - Work 9-5 as secretary at Unitarian church in Lowell.
Thurs./Fri. - Prepares and prints Sunday bulletins for home church.
In between: Produce weekly newsletter for the local United Methodist region.

Mom's a very busy 70-year-old, but hey, that is the best way to live a longer life!
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Not in my neighborhood!

Just heard a dog bark. How weird! In fact, it inspires me to list

10 Sounds You Don't Hear in My Neighborhood

  1. Dogs barking. (There are plenty of dogs, but no yards.)
  2. Lawnmowers.
  3. Home security systems going off. (You do hear the occasional car alarm.)
  4. Ice cream trucks.
  5. Kids.
  6. Sprinklers going ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.
  7. Cows.
  8. Back doors slamming.
  9. Wind in the trees. (We do have trees, but you can't hear them above the din.)
  10. The ocean waves. (OK, seems, obvious, but...)

and of course I also need to do

10 Sounds You DO Hear in My Neighborhood

  1. HVAC systems.
  2. Police/fire/ambulance sirens.
  3. Huge flocks of birds chirping in street trees.
  4. Crazy street people shouting obscenities, sometimes well after dark.
  5. Delivery trucks.
  6. Buses.
  7. Jets flying overhead.
  8. Jackhammers.
  9. Parades. (There are about a dozen a year a block from here on Peachtree.)
  10. Religious "outreach" vehicles blasting theological propaganda from loudspeakers.

Despite this, I'd say my neighborhood is actually pretty quiet. You get used to it. And since I live on the 5th floor and my windows don't open, it has to be something pretty obnoxious to bother me when I'm at home.