February 22nd, 2006

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New contract

Forgot to mention, but I have won a deal coming up with a design for the gov't web site for Union City, GA. First time I've designed a city's web site! Actually what I'm doing is coming up with a "pretty" interface for a content-management-driven dynamic web site their IT has done. But still, it's a high profile contract relatively and hopefully I can get it done quickly and get paid quickly, so yay.

Still wish I had a JOB but hey, I'll do what I can.
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I have an interview this morning up in Dunwoody. It's not a regular interview, but a screening interview with a placement company. The annoying thing? Once again, I have to walk under I-285. This happened once before, when I was signing my mortgage on this place, and I thought, "How likely is it that I'll have to walk under the Perimeter [our Beltway] again?" But no, it's happened again. Nothing makes me feel more out of place as a pedestrian than having to walk under a superhighway.
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Italy Pictures 5

I bet you all thought I was done with the pictures. Well, you thought wrong! LOL.

Here's a set of pictures I took in the couple days we had in the Milan area after coming back from Florence. Got fashion, food, architecture, and gnomes!

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I have another picture post to make, but it's only a small one.