February 23rd, 2006

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Pirates of the Internet

I swear, it must be Spam and Hack Wendy's Clients Week. First of all, I have two clients whose emails have been spoofed and used to send out spam, which is bouncing back to them in large quantities. Now I just got a notice that some hackers used a mail script on another account of mine to send out thousands of spam messages. Greaaaaaaaaat. Now I have to set up another kind of script for them. I tremble to think what's next.
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Congrats to cob_web!

Ever since I first encountered cob_web, she's been working on her grad degree. Well, today she got her "OK, you get your PhD" letter. Yay!

Since it seems a lot of people I know (including 3 siblings and my dad) have put themselves through grad school, slogging through years of hard work, annoyances, and general poverty, I just wanted to make a shout out.

Good luck to Jess!

- Wendy, B.A. Journalism '93 ;)
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What the...?

OK, now Bush is just confusing me.

Current CNN.com major headline:
Bush: 'People don't need to worry about security'

Granted, I find myself agreeing with him on the port control issue, but still, he's saying "Why worry?" I think he IS Alfred E. Neuman.
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Where did this money come from?

Just found a note slipped under my door from the condo management company saying, of all things, that according to their records, my account is OVERPAID $182. How this is possible, I have no idea, since it's not like I have the money to overpay them. What really confuses me? The form was filled out to Richard Darling. This is my dad's name. I have this weird feeling that my mom somehow wrote a check to the condo association to help me out, but she doesn't have the info. on how to send it and Mom and Dad just do NOT give me money... so I'm really like WTF. I mean, not that I'm arguing, since now I get to deduct $182 off this month's payment (which just went up by $50), but hey, I'm confused.
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This 'n That

This post brought to you by the word Random. OK, not entirely random, as it all has to do with stuff going on in my life recently, but still. Random.

At the moment, the little girl is lying like a tub of melted butter on the couch. She just spent the past hour and a half running all over in a mad, playful chase with one of those little fur toy mice. She was flinging it across the room, nabbing it and jumping onto the couch, only to jump down so she could dramatically pounce on it. She also got it stuck under the piano so many times that I had to stuff a tablecloth to block the gap, because getting up every two minutes to retrieve a stuffed mouse is not my job. (Well, OK, Luckie may think it is...) I think I know the reason for all this hyper activity: catnip. I sprinkled some in her food and she's gotten to the area where it is. And man, was she high! LOL.

New Clients
This week I've acquired two new clients. One is Union City, Geogia, as I mentioned the other day. Another one is a local photographer, whose having me redesign his web site. I love his work and look forward to making a proper showcase for it. The Union City job is good too, although I heard from Caleb, who has insider info, that the city was amazed at my "low-ball" estimate. *sigh* I swear, I have got to learn how to charge people enough. Especially when I'm broke! (Not that a contract I just got will pay my bills due next week, but hey.)

Job Hunt
I continue to find at least one or two jobs to apply for every day. Despite this, I don't have any kind of immediate prospects, like an interview. I am still skeptical the ARC is really interested in me, as I think there must be people better qualified, but the fact they are checking my references tells me I wasn't dismissed out of hand.

Meanwhile, as far as all those other applications floating out there, I'm telling myself that realistically, it takes 3-4 weeks sometimes for am HR department, department head, etc., to cull through all the applications, pick out and investigat the top prospects etc., and only then do they get around to the interviews. I've only been looking a month, so it could be that next week, I suddenly get a lot of calls.

Oh, and just for kicks, I will name the state agency I sent my resume to: the Georgia DOT. Ha ha ha. That would be hysterical, if I got it. LOL. Hey, I am totally qualified, according to the job description, and I could walk there. Walk to the DOT. Ha ha ha.

My vow to watch more movies, which I made last fall at the same time I signed up for Netflix, is panning out. I'm up to about one a week or so, which is a lot compared with before. Just returned Halber Mensch, a one-hour Einstuerzende Neubaten performance, to Netflix, and next I get Nightmare Before Christmas. When I originally added that to my queue, I thought it'd come in time for Christmas, but damn, I really slow about watching the movies. I also have the DVD of Sunset Boulevard I got for Christmas and haven't watched yet. Yes, how pathetic is that! Last night I watched all the extras, though, and when the mood strikes me, I'll do the whole movie. The print is beautiful, I can tell you that!

Been reading a great non-fic book, pop anthopology, called Watching the English, by Kate Fox. I bought this at Euston Station last November while waiting for the train up to Stafford. Very informative as far as explaining the peculiarities of the English and I highly recommend it to English and Anglophiles alike. One thing I have learned is that I am apparently more English than the average, which would explain why I feel so at home there perhaps? I will do a review of the book later I suppose.

One idea I've hatched re reading is to start alternating between fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes I think reading on fiction book after another mushes them together in my mind. Before the current book, I read Last of the Wine by Mary Renault. I was really tempted to read her book The Mask of Apollo straight afterward, but I thought I might mix up the books that way. They're bettered savored separately, I think.

New Year's Resolutions
On Jan. 1, I started up a program of exercise and switched over my diet to being actually good, not half-assedly good, but really good. Although I admit I have slid somewhat since my trip to Italy, I am basically still keeping up with the tenets. I've been exercising at minimum 3x a week and have managed to keep myself to sensible foods, avoiding things like cake, cookies, chips, chocolate, cheese, etc. One thing I do need to do is drink more water. Recently I seem to have lost a couple of pounds but I'm sure it's just water.

Oh, and I should mention that I have lost about 6 lbs. A small fraction of what I need to lose, but still.

Not doing much at the moment, as I am mainly waiting on some people who said they were going to beta-read my novella. I want to work on that and get it over with!

Right now (as in right now), I'm editing Storm's forthcoming short story collection, Mythanima. It's a fun job since most of the stories are ones I've never read since they either were never published or appeared in magazines, chapbooks, etc., that I've never seen. And I love her short stories!