February 24th, 2006


Books flying off the shelf, so to speak

I am surprised and delighted by how quickly people snapped up the copies of Writers of the Storm I put on eBay! I did a sale of 27 and sold 18, and what's better is, all but 2 buyers have paid me already -- within 24 hours of the auction's close. Plus have 2-3 people who are ordering from me separately. I bet within a week ALL my copies will be gone, except my persona copy, which is signed by all the authors, Storm, and the two artists involved. I like when things happen the way they're supposed to!
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I have SO much energy this morning. And I'm all happy. I am suspicious of this, since normally it means the next day I'm going to be lying in bed crying, bt hell, it feels GREAT. And to top it off, I just had an espresso. Because, you know, I really need to be vrooming like Luckie on catnip.


So right now, To Do list. I'm going to take this energy and knock off as many items as I can, while I can :)
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When I am King of the Forest

For obvious reasons, I've putting together a list in my head of all the financial things I'm going to take care of, once I have the income of a FT job. These range from the practical, like pay off my credit card balance, to the minor, like getting a new coat. Anyway, rather than keeping the list in my head, I'm going to put it down here so I can find. If anybody has further suggestions for me, feel free ;)

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Looking at this list... have to say, I have rather snooty taste at times.
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The Birds and the Cat

I think my birds enjoy tormenting Luckie. Or at least they sure aren't bothered by her! They didn't seem too bothered even with the old cage, but since I got their new cage last month and secured it down to the table so it can't wobble, fall or sustain any other damage, Pell and Cal seem to realize they now live in a bird fortress and they go to lengths to rub it in Luckie's face!

In their old cage, they would never go on the floor, mostly because there was a "lip" on the cage bottom which meant they couldn't look out. The new cage doesn't have a lip and so they run around on the bottom of the cage, which is wire. They do things like sit on the floor while they eat out of the seed bowl or push around a bird toy I got, a cardboard box with seed in it.

And they also run up to the back of the cage, where Luckie sometimes sits or lies on the windowsill, just below the level of the cage, to watch. Pell and Cal run back and forth, right in front of her face, cackling, like "Ha, ha, you can't get us! He he he! Chirp! Tweet! Ugh, what a loser!" Luckie doesn't move except to move her head. She knows she can't get them, but she can't stop watching them!

They also play and do their other stuff, on the floor on up high, without seeming to care about Luckie at all. I mean, occasionally, Luckie will even jump on top of the cage and lie there. Like, just like there, not doing anything. Do Pell and Cal care? No, they just sit there chirping and eating like normal.

The only thing they don't like is if Luckie taps the side of the cage with her paw. The wires are close together so she can't reach inside, but they don't like it. They move away and squawk. But other than that, it's pretty amazing how tolerant they are.

P.S. I want to get a picture of Luckie lying on top of the cage or at least watching from the windowsill. The windowsill shot will be easier, since as soon as she is "caught" on top of the cage, she jumps off, as I generally try to discourage that, mainly as bad manners.
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The State of Things

What is going on with these "official state ________" things?

First I read about Georgia perhaps getting an "official state dirt" and now Alabama and Georgia are at odds because Alabama wants to have the peach as their state fruit, even though Georgia is "the Peach State" and the peach is its state fruit.

Dude, I swear these state legislators need to get together in some kind of Civil War reinactment and take out their petty agressions. Or maybe they should just get together on some big field of Georgia red clay and throw peaches at one another?

Oh, and one more thing, just because Caleb mentioned it today: When he was in high school, he went to Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, and lobbied for adoption of talc as the state mineral. Um, geek much? :)
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