February 28th, 2006


Crazy Cat

A few weeks ago I got my birds a new toy. It's a set of multicolored, plastic rings linked together. Some of the rings have little mirrors set in the middle, plus a bell at the bottom. It was really pretty and I thought they might like it. Only thing is, once I put it in the cage, Luckie went crazy, because all the little mirrors caught the sun and sent little bits of reflected light all over the place. She was running all around the birds cage, climbing the walls even, trying to catch these bits of light. So before the birds could even try playing with the toy, I moved it so it was hanging from the bottom of one of my dinette set chairs, where it wouldn't catch the sun and could just be a cat toy. I thought Luckie might like to just swat at it and she did now and then... but this week the sun seems to have moved into position so shines on the toy every morning -- and Luckie goes crazy running all around under the table trying to catch the light. She did it for a whole hour this morning! (She also is extra crazy because I sprinkled catnip in her food. She keeps running all around the apartment and meowing a lot. He he.)
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Bounce bounce bounce

So I just took myself out to lunch at the French place downstairs. I used to go there a lot more often but dietary and budget constrains have cut down my visits. But today, celebration was in order. I really am ecstatically happy about getting a job. Truly! If I'm to leave self-employment, I want it to be for something worthwhile and challenging, not something that's just "a job." Yay. Anyway, had coffee, chilled tomato-basil soup, a wild mushroom sandwich w/side salad, and to finish it off, a mixed berry tart w/whipped cream. Goddamnit, I know that tart is SO off my diet, but I feel like it's my birthday or something and I just had to be hedonistic.

*attempts to settle down and get to work... um, yeah right...*
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Shovel shovel shovel

I am digging out my office. What a wreck it is. Good thing paper doesn't go moldy like food or else this room would be New Orleans. Ew. Going through heaps of stuff and doing the whole keep/file/follow-up/pay thing with them. Mostly it's toss, toss, toss though.
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What the...?

Going through my office, I found this "instructional guide" that came with the passenger care packet on Air France. Caleb told me save it because, well, look at that bald guy! Who's that supposed to be, Professor X?