March 1st, 2006

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Impossible as it seems, I just watched an episode of "M*A*S*H" I hadn't seen before! And I think I've seen every episode a good 40 times. Or maybe more! Anyway, it was the one with Henry's desk -- the one with the surreal scene of his desk being flown off by a helocopter. Just posting this for posterity.
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Off to Training

So today I'm going to be attending training classes at my new employer. I'm not officially hired yet but they're in the middle of training on their new content management system and since that's key to their new web site, they'd like me to be there. And not like the office is more than five minutes away! They're already done 2 days of it so I will probably not be able to catch up, mainly just watch, but hey, better than nothing!
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Whew! I had a FULL day of training over at ARC. They're launching a new web site at the end of this month that uses a content management system and a personalization layer, and they're having the initial training this week so they kind of roped me into it, today all the way through Friday. The first week I start there will be another few days of training, this time training specific to the ARC's web site/s, so all in all, I will be coming in to the job trained just in time for the new system, as opposed to landing in the middle of it. I might be able to adjust to using it better than people who have been there a long time doing the web site, because I don't know the alternative way of doing things.

The training today wasn't too bad, even though I missed the first two days. The trainer was really great and my boss, who was there at the training, kept telling me not to worry about keeping up with the class, saying it was OK if I just followed along with the workbooks on my own, which I did. I got through half the intro booklet and then 85 pages (!) of the introduction to templates booklet. Despite having a lunch break with everybody and only going 'til 4, I was totally brain-dead afterward.

The only thing I wonder about? If there's a way they can pay me for this time I'm putting in NOW. The job is salaried, so it's not like they can just comp me the hours, but it seems to me that if I spend 15 hours in their training lab, that's time I should be paid for. I think I will email one of the two contacts I have there and ask them. If I don't ask, I don't get to hear a no, but if I ask, maybe they can work something out... like a bigger cube? LOL

P.S. New icon!
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Happy day

So I went out grocery shopping today and bought myself half a dozen big pink roses. Like, hey, have I bought flowers for myself in the past few months? 'Course not! Now they are prettily sitting on the table in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Luckie is highly satisfied with me. Since I've got home, she's gotten cat treats, lap time, cat sounds and extended telephone "I love you's" from Caleb. Plus I've been gone all day, and that always makes her extra nice. I wonder, do I get cat loving every day after work now? I bet I will, because Luckie isn't one of those resentful type of cats, much more a lovemuffin.