March 2nd, 2006

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New Series: Outfits

I've decided to start doing a new type of post I'm calling "Outfits." The purpose of these is so I can describe some of my successful outfits. When possible, I will include pictures. Mainly I'd like to do this so I can use the "outfit" tag to look up past outfits if I want to do them again. And we also know I just like showing off my clothes.

Anyway, today's outfit:

- Black short-sleeve V-scoop top with white floral print overlay
- Black knee-length, ribbed polyester skirt
- Black small-hole fishnet stockings
- Black suede pointy "witch's" shoes with black criss-cross tops
- Black V-shaped beaded necklace
- Black beaded dangling earrings
- Black purse
- Bright red 1960s wool buttonless coat
- 1950s cat glasses

Black, white and red are major recurring motifs in my wardrobe. Today's outfit also falls under the Retro category, especially since the fishnets have a "seam" down the back.
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More training

Training was OK today. This morning I had trouble keeping awake but slogged through. For lunch I got roped into a "working lunch" with my future teammates, who are planning the plan for our project-specific training the week I start. I managed to make valuable comments even though I am stepping into this out of nowhere! In the afternoon I was a lot more perky, thanks to some coffee, but I found myself still not "getting" the software. I've done so many exercises but when it comes to doing it myself form scratch, I'm baffled. This product is very complex with a steep learning curve, not a lot of "wizards," just a lot of knowledge of code, variables, etc. Finally I talked to the instructor and he told me to start up on the third exercise book, as supposedly it will make more sense than the abstract exercises. I did that, but I still feel confused. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!
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P.O.'d -- in a good way!

I was just trying to find out opening hours for the post office next door and in so doing, learned that there are ***7*** U.S. Post Offices within a mile of home. SEVEN! And if you go within a 2 mile radius, there are 14. I guess this is proof that Atlanta IS indeed a city, at least in some respects. I always go to the office right around the corner, but I guess I could go, well, anywhere, and find one.

Now perhaps I should also do an inventory of other local amenities, like number of coffeeshops or police forces within a mile. In fact, wait... There are 7 Starbucks within 2 miles of here. One is a couple of blocks over, then there's one at Peachtree Center and then several stores located in large hotels, a couple in Midtown, one at Georgia Tech... Yeah, all over. And police forces? We've got city, state, county, federal, GSU, and MARTA police forces out on the streets. (Edit: And yet that guy shot dead all those people at the courthouse and escaped by car, carjacking, and going right by my building. Sigh.)
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Email, People, It's Not That Hard

So this afternoon the UMass College of Humanities and Fine Arts sent out an email newsletter, only the person who did it didn't quite get the whole BCC concept, so she sent an email to several hundred (several thousand?) people with everybody just in the TO: or CC: fields.

Well, somebody decided to reply with an alumni update type of thing, we ALL got it, and then BOOM! people replied saying, "What IS this? Argh!" and now there are dozens of "Unsubscribe," "Remove me from your list," "Why are you spamming me?" etc. type messages, all of which have inspired yet more emails which go to EVERYONE.

Granted, not too swift on the part of the UMass person, but gah, people are so STUPID. If they're so damn smart/annnoyed/aggravated, you'd think they would only email the SENDER of the first email and quit CCing everybody else, which is what's creating the avalanche of emails and pissing everybody off.

Ugh. I just keep deleting the emails, don't know why other people can't do the same.
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