March 4th, 2006

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In the closet

Reporting from a closet of a tea shop here in Atlanta. Well, technically it's the shop's "office" but it's really a closet. I'm here to set up some software on the machine and give the owners a tutorial. Only we couldn't get the software to download and now I'm trying to get at least the trial version. Taking forever though :( The good news is, they're making me tea, it smells good in here (tea and cookies) and there's some relaxing music on.

Later this afternoon I'm going to try and make it to the Dragon*Con staff meeting. That will mainly be boring, I'm sure, but I will probably run into some people I know. The track director for Goth Horror, the track I'm going to be working for, isn't going to be there today, most probably, but I'll try to collect any info that will be useful to us.

P.S. And murnkay, thanks to you and R Kelly, I'm thinking I KNOW what song should be playing now...