March 6th, 2006

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Up early (for me)

Today I set my alarm for 7:30, got up, showered, ate, and listened to the news. By 8 -- despite having gone to bed at the early hour of 11:30 -- I was ready for bed again. Ugh. Which is why I'm making myself get up at 7:30 all this week. Starting next Monday, I'll have to get up at 7:30 every day. Blah. It's very difficult for me to keep myself from crawling back into bed. But I will try!
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Cat at the window

Apparently it's only when I lock her in the bedroom/office portion of my apartment that Luckie notices there is stuff going on out the window. Normally Luckie never looks outside except at night, when she likes to crawl behind the blinds, but right now she's looking out the window, like, "Whoah! What is all that stuff going on out there! There are BIRDS! And fluttering pieces of trash! And people!" LOL. I have her "locked in" because the birds are out, but it sounds like they're probably back in the cage by now, so I will undo the door. Just need to make sure they get to fly around occasionally.
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Staffordshire! Loads of it!

OMG, I cannot believe it, but somebody is selling THE MOTHERLOAD of Royal Mail colored Myott dishes on eBay.

I have been building my set -- the only thing I really "collect" -- for several years and the biggest lot I've ever bought is like a dozen pieces and this person has a 119-piece set! In color! I have sent in a buyer question asking if this is the original set, versus the 1980s repro edition, because I am very interested. It's on my "Watch" list, of course.

I wouldn't be able to fit it all in my china cabinet (which I bought for my existing collection), but so the hell what? I could have the biggest tea party and have all those beautiful teacups, all the pretty dessert dishes, and could set a spectacular table, especially once I get my new dining room set.

Yeah, I'm excited about English china. I really am an old woman sometimes.
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This morning I went to my coffeeshop and got a specialty coffee drink which I think now is going to be a daily staple for me: the "Depth Charge." What is it? A cup with a huge shot of espresso in it, to which you can add any of the house coffees. So an ultra-strong coffee is the result. I add a bit of half & half and 2 packets of Equal. I am so buzzed now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzing!
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Pell and Cal, happy five-year-olds

I really never post much about my birds on my regular LJ, but here's a link to an "update" I posted to the two budgie communities I belong to:

Honestly I am not "into" my birds, they just sort of live here with me, but insofar as I feed them, observe them, clean up their mess, and listen to them twitter all day, they are part of my life.

Monday is just zippy - and cat pics!

Just got back from one of those "minor detour" lunch experiences. Poor Caleb was at the dentist from 8:30 to 12:30 and at 12 called me asking if I'd like to go to lunch. I said fine and went up and met him. We had noodles on 5th St., ate outside in the plaza, then ran into some coworkers of his. It was very carefree, gorgeous weather. Afterward I went to Mac's Beer & Wine and got myself two kinds of fruit beer (one Belgian, one from Maine) and a medium bottle of Chambord. Another one of those self-congratulatory gifts to myself, now that I know I can pay off my credit card bill in the foreseeable future. On the way back to my building I ran into Al, one of the salesmen at Brite Creations I always chat with, and we had a good talk about cops (who flock to the diner for the 50% discount) and the new job. I promised Al to get him some peach lambic next time I'm at Mac's and I probably will, as it's cheap and Al is a HOOT.

Meanwhile, there is extreme cuteness on my office floor right now, as Luckie has found a patch of sun and is sprawled on her back taking it in. The spots on her stomach are nearly back, after being shaved off for her surgery back in January. Aw. She keeps looking at me expectantly, since as usual she hates that I'm at the computer, but um, tough, she will just have to deal. And play with my shoelaces.

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I had more caffeine at lunch. Which I so needed... um, OK, not.
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Drowning in music

I've just come across a bunch of web sites with wonderful, freely available MP3s of Chopin. I am not much into digital file trading really and don't have an iPod, but man, heaps of Classical just there for the taking? I am all over it. Now I can listen to Chopin whenever I'm working and don't have a CD or if NPR is playing something annoying I don't like. Can't get too much Chopin. Next up, I will look for Beethoven. And Mozart. Then I guess an external hard drive, as my drive isn't that big, considering this machine is practically brand new.

Oh, and marchenland, if you're reading this, yes, I am ready for more of your lovely music collection. I've been listening to your "load" for some weeks now and it just seems to get better the more I listen to it. You do indeed have good taste and a good feel for what I will like :)


Speaking of Classical, I guess here's a spot to pop in something somebody said last week that I thought was weird. It was at the computer training. I was talking with Shah, one of the women in the class, and somehow we were talking about NPR. I said I listened to WABE all day and she was like, "Ugh! I can't listen to that, it's Classical all day!" I told her that's why I like it so much. "I can't do any work when that's on! I turn it on once the talk and news programs come on." It's funny, I said, because I'm the opposite, and only rarely can work effectively if, say, "Fresh Air" or the news is on. At least not if I'm doing anything much with words. Classical or other music is fine, but verbal info seems to only work if I'm doing something with graphics, doing design, cutting and pasting, or doing something that requires little "processing power." Anyway, I found it odd that somebody would find Classical somehow hard to work with as an accompaniment, but hey, different strokes for different folks. (Yeah, whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?)
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Here are some links to various curious news items, products, etc. I just collect this crap, it seems....

Teen's stolen legs returned
Comment: Somebody who steals somebody's legs is somebody with no f'n soul.

Robot Guinea Pig
Comment: murnkay, I think you should bookmark this in case you do that holiday gift list thing you did last year. I mean... WTF?

Where are the hits?
Comment: Interesting article on the Oscars and the rise of non-studio movies.

Licorice International
Comment: The motherload of licorice. I love it and want to order the Licorce of the Month subscription, but that seems too decadent even for me.

The Little Dutch Girl
Comment: Dutch goodies! Food! Wooden shoes! Blue and white tiles!

Enormous boots
Comment: Amanda sent me a link to these awesome club type vinyl platform boots... that go up to size 14, Women's. Drag queen boots... or boots for me. I keep seeing all these amazing, um, "whore" boots in German but they NEVER go up to my size. Just imagine one of my trashy outfits, with the right boots! Like this pair! OMG!
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I am so subtle..., not.

My new across-the-hall neighbor has been annoying me in various ways. Without getting into all that, I'll say that a couple of days ago, he and/or his family managed to stink up our end of the hall. From the smell, I judge he left on a coffeepot so long the water evaporated and he burned a load of coffee. In other words, it smells liked badly burned coffee. It also sort of smells like burned ham. There's something burned, that's for sure.

Anyway, every time I'm outside my door, I choke on the damn smell. The smell is so strong I swear I can smell it in my main bathroom, too, because the air intake gets air from the hall I think. Argh! It doesn't seem like it should still be around, at least not if the guy has done anything to clean up the source inside his place.

So what do I do? I don't knock on the door and say, "Um, HEY!" No, I just went out in the hall and sprayed a LOT of Febreze. I also set out a box of baking soda. Right there in the middle of the hall.

I've heard people going in and out of the unit since I did that. Since I don't have a peephole, I don't know who it is. But I feel confident they must have gotten the hint. If they think I'm eccentric, that's just tough. They've been annoying me ever since they moved in and are lucky I haven't pitched a fit for other stuff.

I'm tolerant, but please don't stink up the hall.
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