March 7th, 2006

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Restless Night

Had the hardest time sleeping last night. I think the combo of working out too late (9:45-10:30) and having some weird stuff in my head (the short stories I'm editing, the computer system I just learned) just went KABOOM! I couldn't stop wriggling around, tossing and turning, full of nervous energy, like a pile of kittens or something. Meanwhile I kept having half-dreams about using the content management system, editing Word documents, and all of it set in this one story of Storm's I edited last night. Around 3:30 I got up and went to sleep on the sofa, or at least I tried to. I was still restless as hell and meanwhile I was face-to-face with Luckie's nighttime activities -- chasing around balls, jumping all over the sofa, attacking the blinds, wrestling with the stuffed guinea pig, annoying the birds, playing hide and seek under the sofa. After an hour I was still awake so I got up and poured myself a cordial glass worth of honey mead. That relaxed me a bit and after a while on the sofa, went back to bed and finally fell asleep. I am SO making sure I work out sometime before 8 tonight.
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Oh puh-leez!

Yesterday Atlanta officially lost its bid for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I wasn't really into the idea myself -- even though I was the webmaster for the official bid web site -- and Caleb is happy because the thing would've been across the street from me, ergo he would have been cheek to jowl with thousands of NASCAR fans. But anyway, in deciding on Charlotte, which works better on several counts, the NASCAR people felt the need to spout off about Downtown Atlanta being unsafe, high crime, etc.

Can I just say (yes, I will) that I am SICK OF THIS BULLSHIT! I have been dealing with this "Downtown is dangerous" crap for 8 years now and the number one uniting characteristic of those who go on about it is this: They don't LIVE here! It's certainly true we have schizophrenics and beggars on the streets making a nuisance of themselves, and it's true the neighborhood is not always clean, quiet, and, well, suburban (duh), but that doesn't make it dangerous. I suppose for many people, just the fact there are (gasp!) black people on the streets -- outnumbering whites by a large margin -- is reason enough to call Downtown dangerous.

People and their "perceptions" drive me nuts. I've got to hear it from strangers ("Oh, aren't you scared to live Downtown?), the media ("Downtown must be cleaned up, it's dangerous!"), Dragon*Con people ("I will only stay in host hotels because I will not walk outside, don't want to get shot"), and now NASCAR. What the hell ever. I know we could improve -- I've traveled the world, and know Atlanta is "ghetto" -- but sheesh, just stay home in your suburbs, people.

/ Vent complete, for now.

Chasing the light

Poor Luckie. Every morning the sun comes through the dining room window and shines on the mirrored bird (now cat) toy I have hanging from one of the chairs and suddenly there are little mirror lights scurrying all around the floor. She spends an hour every day trying to catch them. She really has a thing for chasing light. It started with Caleb using a laser pointer, then I tried a flashlight, and now when I cook, she running around attacking the reflecting off the knives, spoons, etc. I should get a disco ball. Luckie would just run around in circles all day long.
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Pimpin' LJ Friends

One of my very favorite LJ friends is murnkay. He can be serious and he can be really silly and random, as in:

What do you really, really want for lunch today?

If you want to inject some sponateity into your life, friend him! I also recommend his Hellblazer RSS Feed and the wonderfully entertaining cinemaeater. He also has a serious/work writing LJ and a weekly zine he does and a comic strip and books... well, a lot of stuff.

It will improve your day.
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Oh well

NOT bidding on the china. Seller replied and said it's all got the 1982 edition stamp on it. That stuff is much crappier quality than the original set. I have some of the 80s pieces and I only use them if I'm sure they're be covered with food and nobody will notice the sloppy print job.
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I want the highlight film

I did not watch the Oscars. I also do not watch The Daily Show. (I have watched it twice and thought it hilarious, but don't turn on the TV for specific programs. I don't have Tivo eitgher.) Anyway, I CRACKED UP at this joke Jon Stewart let fly as Oscars host:

"Schindler's List," "Munich"... I think I speak for all Jews when I say: I can't wait to see what happens to us next. Trilogy!


"Walk the Line" -- or "Ray" with white people.

- paraphrased by Jim Emerson, Rogert Ebert
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That sinking feeling

I wish I could figure out why I feel so crappy lately. Couldn't sleep last night and it took 20 minutes for me to get out of bed; I set my alarm for 7:30 again and I'm still not liking it. During the morning I managed to be fairly productive, going up to Buckhead for my shot and grocery shopping at Fresh Market, I got an hour of contract work done at home. And then I suddenly felt really tired and went to sleep from something like 2 to 3:30. I stayed on the couch another half hour to listen to NPR. Finally I got up again to do the editing work I'm trying to get through, and while I've managed to get through three more stories, I feel this icky depression sliding over me, dragging me down. I'm going to go work out now, so I get it overwith and also because it might energize me somehow. I hope anyway.

Just think, starting next week I will be too busy holding a professional job to indulge in this pity party crap.
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Mom Call

Mom finally caught me on the phone. Not that I'm evading her or anything, but she's called like 4 times in the past week and somehow every time, I've been out. Considering I am home the vast majority of the time, Mom's luck has been really bad! But finally she caught me at home and we talked for 70 minutes. Yikes!

I would estimate that overall, 70% of the conversation was about computers, everything from CSS to software to how the ARC's content management system works. Maybe this is foreshadowing the mother-daughter chats of the future, because I don't know anybody else who spends most of their phone time with their mom talking about tech. But then, she got he degree in CS in like 1981 so she is ahead of the curve! Good talk though! We also discussed my job, some financial stuff related to my benefits, her job, etc.

At the end of it, I suggested that next time she can't reach me on the phone, she should just call my other phone. Mom was momentarily stunned, as she has my number but was thinking she shouldn't call because it's not a Verizon phone. But neither is my home phone! So I now may get random calls on my mobile from Mom. This is funny since I always call HER on that phone anyway.

As a coda to the talk, Mom says she's sending me a present, "something for your office." She says it's "silly" and I will say, "Mom, you are so dumb." She says she had a moment she wasn't thinking. I asked her if it was something naked and she said no, it was appropriate. I wonder what it is. a jumbo 5-lb. Silly Putty? The Playmobil "Cube" set? A set of those clicking balls? I just hope it isn't a Dilbert calendar or something. I hate those stupid office calendars. Give me an Edward Gorey calendar any day.