March 8th, 2006

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Dreams way more interesting than SciFi Chanel...

Editing a SF/Fantasy story anthology before bed can mess with your head. I had the weirrrrrdest dreams last night, these complicated scenarios involving Time/Space, the power of the mind, galactic paradox, etc.

In one dream, this guy in a spaceship was trying to save the universe by voyaging into the future and sending back coded messages with equations. When it finally worked, the people in the "present" time used the equations and BOOM! the universe changed. The guy in the spaceship was all excited, because the universe was not only saved, but mankind was finally going to understand its origins, find out about God, etc. Only what really happened was that the lights came on and he realized his spaceship was flying around inside this giant sphere/cage with this huge alien standing there saying "What an intelligent toy you are!"

In another dream, I realized I had some special powers -- the ability to intrapenetrate (?) matter and resize objects with my mind. At one point I had a little lamb (LOL, no, really!) and these people were coming to get her, so I used my powers to make the lamb really BIG, like the size of a donkey, and was going to say "This isn't a lamb, it's a really wooly donkey!" My other ability involved intrapenetrating matter, i.e. being able to stick my hand through the floor, no problem. Luckie managed to get into this part; I was playing with her on the floor and confusing her by shrinking her (one power) and then making her back legs disappear into the floor (second power). At first I thought it was just an illusion I did by squinting my eyes, but then I did it with my eyes open and it still worked. I started wondering about the implications of this.

Luckie's Snuggle Spots of Choice

Luckie has a thing for my coats. Other cats like shoes, but this little cat likes coats. Her favorite is my fancy dress overcoat, which I've worn a lot the past few months, as it fits and all the buttons are there. No matter where I put it -- unless I actually hang it up -- she will find it and sleep on it. As a shorthair, Luckie doesn't shed a whole lot, but you can bet her hairs DO show up on the black wool. The other day I had the coat dry-cleaned to get out the guinea pig hair from the two piggies I groomed for AHS, and even though the thing is in one of those huge plastic bags lying on the floor (who ever heard of hanging things up?) Luckie knows it's there and keeps lying on the bag. Right now she's actually lying on another coat, my black trenchcoat. If I move it somewhere else in the house, I bet she will find it and sit down on it.

Other places Luckie likes to cuddle up: on the left-most bedpillow, anywhere on the bed, under the bedcovers, on the couch, in her cat toy box, in the guinea pig cage, on the dinette set chairs, on the windowsill by the bird cage, in the bathroom sink, next to the entry door, on top of the scanner, on top of the air purifier, on the office bookcase, in the desk drawer, on the desk. Oh, and she likes to rest on me sometimes, too.

If I ever get my act together and get fabric for a quilt, my first "test" project will be to do a little quilt for Luckie. She obviously likes sitting on soft, warm things. Maybe I can even sew catnip inside the quilt, to make it extra special! Ooh, and tie little ribbons and stuff on it, so she can play with it! OK, this is making me more motivated by the sec. Caleb says IKEA has really cheap, stylish "remnants" in the return/"as is" section, so I should check that out. If there were fabric stores within easy reach of me, I'd go, but alas, those seem to be a suburban thing.
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Feeling accomplished....

I love when I sit down and manage to HALVE the number of messages in my Inbox. Lots of replying, deleting, and filing.

Now I have to spend a couple of hours doing estimates, taking care of MG stuff I've procrastinated on, etc. Then I will go back to editing Storm's story anthology, just to assure myself another night of weird dreams.

Before all this, however, LUNCH. And I must play with the cat. Maybe the piggies too.
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Watch out for "Ambien Drivers"

Like I don't have enough reason to be wary of motorists...

Some Sleeping Pill Users Range Far Beyond Bed

Seems some people on Ambien are engaging in "sleepdriving" episodes. I bet people are even doing "sleepputtingonmakeupanddrinkingcoffeeanddriving."

And on a related note: How embarassed is this girl in Wales? I can't decide whether I feel sorry for her getting featured by BBC or whether I think she deserves it. (I do know I feel sorry for her for being from a town called Mold.)
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Vent: Wireless Router Woes

I just wrote a LONG email to tech support for my wireless router. I just spent 1 1/2 hour (once again) trying to figure out how to 1) change the network ID, 2) make the network secure instead of "open" and 3) get my network to stop hanging up. I must've looked at like 30 tech docs, plus I upgraded my JVM and did all these diagnostics, yet there's been no change. Finally I found an email address and wrote in. Man, I hope I get help, because this seems like something I should be able to do in 2 minutes, and yet I got my router in November and I STILL haven't got it working right. Blah. I love my laptop, but hell, I am jealous of Caleb and his Mac.

EDIT: Well, I think I have made some progress. I put in the router's install CD and found this thing called Network Magic which seems to have allowed me to change some of the settings the way I want to. I still can't get the stupid thing secured, but now it has the right name and possibly will stop hanging up so much. The signal strength shows up as better now...
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Working on that body

I finally found my measuring tape, which has been missing for months, and did some body measurements.

Hips: 47"
Waist: 37"
Chest: 42"

(Oh, and for the curious, I don't mind saying, 6'0" tall and 204 lbs.)

I like to describe myself as "curvaceous" rather than "some extra baggage," but yeah, there is some extra baggage.

Still working out, still on a diet. So far this year I've lost nearly 10 lbs. My diet-weight software calculates that if I lose 1 lb. a week (close to what I've been doing), by my birthday -- in late August! -- I will reach my "enough" weight of 180. And to reach my "ideal" weight of 170, I have to stay on track with 1 lb./week until Halloween!

If I manage to sustain enough willpower to do that, I am either going on a shopping spree or buying airline tickets (so I can go on a shopping spree... like say in England or Germany, where I love the clothes but so far have always been too fat to really buy what I want).

WWF, Luckie Style

I'm finally managing to SEE what Luckie gets up to with the stuffed guinea pig! I know she plays with it, since often I'll get up in the morning to find it in the middle of the living room, but I never get to actually SEE her play with it. It's hysterical. She grabs it out of the box, then has a huge "fight" with it. She flings it on the floor, sort of bites it, then jumps back like it might bite *her* back, then pounces, throws it somewhere else. She and the guinea pig are currently tussling under the dining room table.

The really good news is that she does NOT mess with the REAL guinea pigs like this! She is aware she has a toy, I'm sure.