March 9th, 2006

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Another weird dream

So last night I had another SF dream, which I kind of think is symbolic. You be the judge.

I dreamed I was on the team launching the space shuttle. Only our team and the whole way it was launched wasn't anything close to the way NASA does it. It was just a tad less professional -- just a dozen or so of us in a little office in the woods, and to "launch" the shuttle, we hooked it up to a big balloon and let it drop like a paper airplane.

So. I'm on this team and we're supposed to do a launch. Only when the day comes around, almost everybody else on the team is out sick, on vacation, etc., and so I have to do the launch myself. "But I can't do this alone!" I protest, to deaf ears. I am so scared of screwing up, especially since they're making me drive, taking the shuttle on the back of a flatbed truck over to the launching area.

Cue me hauling the space shuttle down around the Woburn St. / Rattlesnake Hill Drive intersection near where I grew up; it's a dangerous, hilly, narrow road where I learned to drive. When I finally get the shuttle to where it's supposed to go, I really, really don't want to do it, because I'm sure I'm going to ruin it and the other team members, when they come back, will yell at me. Not that it's my fault, though, since it was never the plan to have me do the launch on my own.

I don't think I ever launched the thing. I waited around a while and went back, then lied and vaguely told them I'd done it.
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So I'm going to make a quilt! Thanks to cob_web, I am hooked up with some nice pre-cut quilt squares, and I have a little baby blanket on order, as batting for my first one. I want to do a little quilt as practice and as a thing for Luckie to curl up on. My sewing ability is pretty limited but I am sure I can sew squares together into a grid and attach it to a blanket. The quilt squares I got are in two themes, one fall and one 1930s prints. Knowing me it will take weeks for me to get the thing done, but I will do it!
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Getting working done

Finally, after days of feeling kind of "stalled" on all the web work I have, I've got myself in gear and worked on three projects.

First, this morning, EARLY, I sat down and designed a site. In fact the site is just about done, as it's a small site and won't have that much content. This is for a client I first spoke with Tuesday, whose estimate I wrote up yesterday, and who shortly thereafter agreed to do work with me and send along the 50% deposit check. I don't want to give away the secret of how fast I work, so I will contact him Monday, by which time I'll have the check, and ask him for the bits of content I need. Then I can get it done and get the other 50%. This is how it's supposed to work, anyway!

Next, I did some messing around with a site I'm hopefully doing for this local photographer. He does all these wonderful prints of "The Turn of the Century American South," basically done using the 19th Century tintype process. I didn't spend TOO much time on this, as I have not received a definite yes on my estimate yet, but I came up with the basic layout and found a nice font to use, historic with the right feel, so once/if he says yes, I'll be 'ret to go.

Finally, I workeed on the Union City project. This is the one where all I'm doing is taking their under-development web site, which is done using a content management system, and coming up with some basic design changes, like new header, new color scheme, new bullet icons, to make it more warm and friendly. I mocked up a page, toyed with the system, then edited the homepage so at least the content area is how I want. At the end I wrote a detailed email to their IT manager saying exactly what I wanted to do next and asking him how to go about it. That's what we agreed to, so now I just wait for a reply.

I think at this point I am going to go out for some air. Been cooped up too much today and I feel kind of gross. I think the thing's that been making me sick the last few days isn't the bread or cheese I've been eating, but the nectarines I bought. I think they're slightly rotten or something. Ew.

Other agenda items for today: Going to the Atlanta Opera's production of Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio tonight at 8. Daniel was at the rehearsal earlier this week and was not impressed (mainly because the Civic Center is just such a terrible venue for Mozart or just about any other opera), but hey, I think I will probably enjoy it.
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Just had a bottle of the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale I got the other day. It were good!

Not anything like a Belgian fruit beer really, but in and of itself, good. Plus, I actually have a pint-size bottle of Belgian peach beer in the fridge.

Finally, something to counteract that coffee I had for lunch. That "Depth Charge" thing I get just has too must caffeine -- leaves me wired for hours!