March 11th, 2006



While Luckie sits here waiting on me like she's the queen and I'm her jester...

Got up at 7 today so I could go with Caleb and assist at a 5-hour community workshop down on Jonesboro Rd. The main thing I did was set up the tables for breakast and lunch, then keep them well-supplied and free of trash. Watched Caleb give a long presentation to workshoppers, then, while crowd broke into 3-4 groups to discuss various study areas in detail, I wandered around chatting with various people, both project staff and residents.

My favorite person was this 11-year-old girl who was there with her mother but commandeered a table, as well as Caleb's attention, so she could discuss HER perspective on the area. We could not believe she was that young, as she was not just smart, but very articulate. Caleb did a whole interview with her, taking notes on what she thinks should be in parks, what the area should have for young people, demographics at area schools, safety problems, etc. This girl is pretty disadvantaged, being poor, black, living in a ghetto area and having sickle cell anemia, but she has a top-notch brain and amazing enthusiasm. When lunch arrived, she volunteered to help me set it up and went ahead and did all kinds of things without being asked, like arrange all the fruits and vegies, clean up garbage, etc. What a wunderkind!

At the end of it, around 1:30, I was feeling absolutely dead (and hot, as the temp was like 70 today) but we managed to get out of there pretty quickly. Caleb drove me through a whole bunch of areas of Atlanta I either hadn't seen in a long time or had never seen at all. Mechanicsville is really nice! We also stopped by Union Mission to drop off a tray of leftover sandwiches and 6-7 bottles of soda from the workshop lucnh. Caleb really didn't want to throw all that food away so was thrilled they took it.

Just about as soon as I got home, I curled up in bed with Luckie and fell asleep. Caleb woke me up around 4 to tell me something, then I konked out again until 6. Had a really strange dream about being in some big city in Argentina, in this one neighborhood that was all Japanese, with cherry trees, teahouses, and Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. My brain was having a big problem accepting the whole Southern Hemisphere thing, as I recall. I felt like I was going to fall off the earth, LOL.

Tonight's agenda: Get-together at Enrique's. Not sure when it is and am not dressed for it yet. Tomorrow's agenda: Got to finish editing the short story anthology, but mid-afternoon I've got tickets for an all-Mozart concert up at a church in Buckhead.