March 12th, 2006

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Hyper hyper hyper

Nothing but liquids and clean, cleansing foods for me Sunday. All I'm saying is that having "buffet" food available is not a good idea for me. True, there were a few things I could've eaten but didn't (e.g. no doughnuts) but several things I shouldn't have eaten but did. And I drank too much. I mean, not like I have a hangover or anything, but rum & coke using real, non-diet Coke is very caloric. And that Spanish blue cheese!

Oh. So I know what I'm even talking about: Get-together at Enrique's. Food. Drinks. Played Taboo for like 2 hours. Me talking too much. Enrique showing us 4-5 photo albums, including tons from the 80s when he had amazingly huge hair and white pants. It was really hot in his place so I kept pacing and also eating, to distract myself fromt the comfort. We were there 'til 1:30.

It's 2 a.m. now and I am SO hyper. Luckie is really distressed b/c she "knows" what time it is and desperately wants me to go to bed. I guess I have to, but ugh, my brain is going a mile and minute. It'll take me time to calm down after all this. Once I get going and it's after midnight, I'm like a runaway train.

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Sometimes Amazon's "personalization" function really cracks me up.

Yesterday I went to Amazon and on the home page it was showing me 3 of Storm's books, saying "customers with similar searches purchased..." Um, YES, true! Then under that were 2 Smiths albums and a Morrisey album under "Recommended." And today it's still showing the Storm books, but then 3 Octavia Butler books are recommended (3 I haven't read, actually) and under "The Page You Made" it has 3 NIN albums, because I was looking something up related to some albums. Under that, there's a special on Adobe Photoshop. It really IS personalized!
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Even Spring is too hot

Supposed to be in the 80s today.


My AC is on; it's set to go off if it goes above 78 in here.

It just seems WRONG.

The good news? I'll be in Chicago next weekend and I bet it won't be in the 80s there!
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This morning NPR's "Morning Edition" ran a very inspiring piece of an American artist who turned her life into an adventure and now, even as she faces a terminal illness in a foreign country, is enjoying that adventure, no regrets.

Patterns of Life: Margi Scharff's 'Road Collages'

There audio isn't up at the moment, but it will be later on. For now there's a news article with the basics of the story as well as a gallery showing some of her "road collages." I really admire her art, her life and her courage.
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Lovely Mozart Concert

The concert this afternoon was absolutely wonderful!

It was in the "chapel" of a huge Methodist church in Buckhead, which is the perfect size for a small orchestra, which Atlanta Baroque Orchestra is. The group is only about 20 musicians, all playing on period instruments, including one of those black wooden flutes and old-fashioned oboes and bassoons. The program was all Mozart; a very short early symphony, a piano concerto (played by a virtuoso on forte piano) and a full-length symphony he composed around the same time as the "Jupiter." The musicianship of the group was really outstanding, with very precise attention to detail, so clear and perfect it was like listening to a CD, and not echoey or too quiet or too loud, as the hall was the right size.

Afterwards there was a reception which turned out to be lovely, with a big spread of basic English tearoom delights, including three sorts of finger sandwiches, several plates of tarts and scores, fruit salad, cheese, crackers, peach punch, coffee and tea. It wasn't only the audience there either -- the whole orchestra, including the pianist and conductor, came along as well. I chatted with a female violinist, as well as a couple of other women and then this one elderly European lady who gave me a tip about an upcoming organ recital. She also explained that the church has its own chef (only in Buckhead, LOL) and that's why the reception food was so wonderful.

I will definitely be going to see this orchestra again! Normally they play all Baroque, nothing as "modern" as Mozart, but I love Baroque as well, so I will try and come for the next concert, which is in May.

(Oh, and for versailles_rose, who with her husband operates a forte piano & harpsichord tuning & rental service... wanted to mention the name of the pianist: Andrew Willis. Don't know if you have ever worked with him, but I at least was very impressed. You can read a bio here (scroll down).
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While in Buckhead, went to Eatzi's and got a bag of that Australian licorice (or "liquorice") I've seen a few places, Kookaburra. It's more like American licorice, that is to say sweet, soft and not at all salty or bitter, but it's good. There's an Australian bakery here in Atlanta and I've had a few things there, but must say it's not too common to pick up Australian food goods. Got a few other goodies and then went to Petsmart to get the piggies a bag of litter and, naturally, some stuff for Luckie. She's now got a few more weeks stock of Friskies meaty meals, three boxes of "cat milk" (she loves that), and a couple more cheap toys.
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Staying Power

Over the past few weeks, prompted by questions and seeing the date 2006 over and over, I've come to realize I've lived in my current home in the Healey for almost five years. I moved here in July 2001 after living at Metropolitan for about three years. Hard to believe it's been that long! This is the longest I've ever lived in any one place except my parents' house, where I lived for 18 years FT and PT for 3 years after that. I don't think I'm ever going to live anywhere else for 18 years, but five years here is my record.

I've been in Atlanta for over eight years and in Georgia for almost nine years. Again, very hard to believe! Caleb and I both have plans to leave here in the next couple of years, but for now, I still am OK enough with it. With Caleb's abilities and connections, he will be able to get a job anywhere he wants, even Europe, and I hope I can similarly make myself marketable enough I can take off for someplace more "me," whether it's Chicago or Vermont or upstate New York.

For the record, I've lived in Andover, MA, Amherst, MA, Athens, GA, and Atlanta, GA. This is one reason I think I should move to Albany, NY -- it's an A name! Now if I find a place there with a zip code that's a palindrome, that'll seal it, as my Andover address and my current are both palindromes (01810 and 30303) and that's another pattern I like. (My sister Betty used to live in zip 01010, Brimfield, MA, and I was so jealous, LOL.) Hey, and my mom's name is Hannah!
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Music Rec

If anybody out there enjoys organ music, check out the radio show "Pipe Dreams." It airs on public radio stations and is also available online:

Pipe Dreams

I was reminded of the show today when I noticed the profusion of organ pipes in the chapel where I enjoyed that Mozart concert today. I also found out that Diane Bish, an organist known for her "Joy of Music" TV show, will be performing at the chapel this July. The show airs Sunday nights at 11 here in Atlanta, on WABE.