March 19th, 2006

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Back from Chicago

This weekend was awesome. I love that city so much. Among other things, went food shopping in a German neighborhood, took part in a MASSIVE anti-war/anti-Bush rally, went shopping, ate at a great Italian restaurant, rode many different buses and CTA train lines, has chocolate cake, went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Field Museum, and decided pretty definitively that my next move (2-3 years) is going to be there. The quality of life there is insanely wonderful in all the important respects -- and the cost of housing is lower than Atlanta, plus the housing is all right by transit. Anyway, very jazzed up about it and will be posting further details, pictures, etc., later.

Meanwhile Luckie is, as usual when I come back from somewhere, very, very pleased to see me. She keeps meowing over and over, like, "Where were you?! Where were you? Now... pay attention to me! Cuddles! Don't go anywhere!" LOL. The guinea pigs shreiked for their food as soon as I got in the door.