March 21st, 2006


Bossed around by my cat

Luckie is one smart cat. Witness:

1) For a week running, she pulls up the blind on the window nearest my bed in the morning. She apparently has picked up on the fact that when really get up (as opposed to when I wake up, only to lie in bed), I pull up the blind. So now, when she wants me out of bed, she starts pulling on the blind until it rolls up 6 inches to a whole foot. Then she jumps on me, as if to say, "No more delays!"

2) As previously reported, she knows what my alarm means. She usually gets me up before it goes off, but when it goes off, she runs over to inspire me. I ignore her and hit Snooze. She disappears within a minute or so but she runs right back when the alarm goes off again, hoping that this time I will get up.

3) At night when she wants me to go to bed, Luckie jumps up on my desk and bites my right hand, like, "Stop working! Grrr! Go to bed!"

The princess is currently lying under my chair thinking up her next set of "orders" for me.
ice cream

A Yankee Conversation

So I went out shopping at Atlantic Station after work, as planned. Went to Dillard's and found three great blouses, two of them (identical but for color) only $12 each, another was on sale for $30. Do I know how to bargain shop or what?

Afterward I went to Publix to pick up some groceries. Had a MOST amusing conversation at the check-out.

The Scene: Check-out, Publix supermarket, Atlanta, GA.
The Characters: Wendy, cashier, and manager standing in as a bagger.

Wendy heads towards check-out, spots a Publix-brand canvas shopping bag and snaps it up on, partially on principal, partially because she forgot her regular canvas and/or net bag. She then proceeds to the check-out with her basket of groceries.

Cashier: Good afternoon. How are you today?
Wendy: Good!
Cashier: Is this bag new?
Wendy: Yes, I just bought it and I'd like to use it today.
Cashier: It's nice!
Wendy: Thanks.
Manager (stepping up to bag): Would you like to use this bag?
Wendy: Yeah. I always use these and when I saw Publix was selling them I got one on principal.
Manager: These are great. (Studies groceries.) You know, judging from your purchases, I'd saw you were ecologically-minded.
Wendy: You're right.
Manager: And I'd also venture that... forgive me if I'm wrong... you're a Democrat.
Wendy: Yeah. I'm even from Massachusetts. A Massachusetts Democrat.
Manager: Ah, cool. I went to B.U. for a year. Only a year though, then I went back to New York and went to NYU.
Wendy: My parents are from New York, I'm from Massachusetts.
Manager: Massachusetts is great though. I still have some friends up there, in Peabody.
Wendy: Oh, really? That's near where I grew up. People always argue how to pronounce it.
Manager: It's Peabody. (Pee-body... not Pibodi.)
Wendy: Well, that's what I say.
Manager: Yep, Massachusetts is great.
Wendy: This bag is great. I just forgot my own. I usually bring them but I came from work.
Manager: Well, can't be perfect all the time.
Wendy: I'm discombobulated from a new job.
Manager: I see. (Places last item in bag.) There, all set.
Wendy: Thanks.
Manager: Isn't it funny how just from looking at how and what people buy, you can tell a lot about them?
Wendy: I imagine that's true. (Laughs.) You were dead-on. I'm going to catch the bus now.
Manager: Ah, then you're like me, a Liberal Democrat!
Wendy: Yup! Bye!

It was like two Yankees passing in the night.