March 25th, 2006

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Ohhhh, silver!

This morning after coffee I took the bus to Moreland Avenue and went shopping at Target, Petco, and Kroger. It was nice to shop without that "I shouldn't be buying this, I am so broke" feeling.

Anyway, although I didn't mean to, I got THIS at Target. Is it not INSANE?! It's the kind of thing I expect to find in Germany, not Target. Love it!

I tried on the XL thinking it wouldn't fit (this was Target, not Lane Bryant) but in fact it fits PERFECTLY! So I had to get it. It will make my glammest outfits even more glam. I'm so wearing my silver eyeshadow with it!

Now I'm going to put away all my purchases and clean up the house, which is a total disaster at the moment.

Sick Bird - EDIT Dead Bird :(

I don't want to get into it in detail at the moment, but my bird Cal (the blue one in my icon) has suddenly got very sick. She was fine and then suddenly, the way birds do, took ill. She's wobbly, laboring to breath, and not moving or making much noise. The fact she's having trouble staying on the perch or controlling her legs and wings leads me to think perhaps she had a stroke or some sort of heart attack. I knew she was sick when I had her and Pell out and she let me pick it up and carry her around. She HATES me, normally, but now she's weak and except for biting me so hard I scream (literally), she doesn't put up a fight.

Anyway, since it's Saturday and after 5, there's not really anything I can do vet-wise and honestly, I don't think there's much that can be done for a bird except hoping for the best. I've put her in the master bath, after steaming it up by running the shower and sink very hot, and turned off all the lights except the nightlight. I'm sure if I posted this on either of the online budgie communities I'm in, I'd be drawn and quartered, but growing up I had two birds die very quick and sudden deaths, healthy and then in a couple of hours, on the cage floor. Another bird got cancer and died a slow lingering death, which was worse I guess.

Poor little bird. Since Cal's in the travel cage, Pell is alone in that great big cage I got them recently and is chortling away, seemingly oblivious. Cal isn't making a sound, not even calling out to tell Pell where she is.

EDIT - 7:44 P.M. - Cal just died a minute ago. Whatever it was, it was very quick.